Abs every other day

  • is it ok to work out my abs every other day

  • If it makes you feel better sure but if you think that is what will give you that great six pack then you are working harder not smarter.

    Ask anyone here, great abs are made in the kitchen.

    You can do all the ab exercises you want and never have a 6 pack unless you burn the fat which ab exercise won't do.

  • kjlued is 100% correct.  i have been doing my ab exercises by the book and I have gotten extremely stronger, BUT they are still under so much fat!!  If you are worried about the definition, it's there, but you could always change up your ab exercises very week or every 4 weeks, but you will never see them if you can't stick with the nutrition.

  • I work my abs 3 days a week after cardio.

  • It is true that abs are made in the kitchen...no argument there, but they aren't going to build themselves without putting some effort in the gym.  I feel that the recommended 1-2x per week (after leg routine) is not enough to see great results.  I like to work them 3x per week after my cardio session.  I think every other day is a good goal.  Also, a large percentage of ab definition is genetic.  I don't have an awful lot of fat, but I have yet to see a six pack on this body.  I have friends with higher body fat than me, and more pronounced abs.

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  • It seems a little confusing to me-- The book says to do them 1-2x week, but if you go to the training section under 'library' at the top, there's a training article called 'Trust your Gut'.  That one recommends doing abs every other day after the weight training and has 10 tricks.  I've been doing them this way, and I can definitely feel the burn!  Of course, I was a little disappointed when it talked about where your body fat needs to be to really SEE the 6 pack abs, since it will probably take me 3-4 challenges to get down to that, but abs are so resistant, I'm going to stick to the every other day schedule that's on the website.  

  • As with HeatherC and BDMom I too find that cardio and abs seem to fit nicely together and so I often follow my cardio session with an ab routine. I will say this though....you don't need to work your abs as much as you might think. They do get worked on with just about every exercise you perform. All the best.

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  • I also throw ab workouts in after every cardio session.  I don't think once a week is going to do much.  And even if you can't see them, having a strong core is essential to getting stronger everywhere else. :)