Book for Weight Training

  • Someone mentioned a book by Colvert Bailey for weight training that is supposed to be excellent - anyone know the name?

    Thank you


  • I have heard of the name but can't recall the books. You might want to check out Strength Training for Women by Lori Incledon and also The Body Sculpting Bible for Women by Villepigue and Rivera. Just a thought.

    ENJOY the process!!! Know that this takes time, Just be committed to doing your best EACH DAY

  • I've never heard of the author you mentioned.  My favorite book is The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  LOVE IT!!

  • Thank you all so much!  I am feeling limited on my exercises. I work out at the senior center - they have dumb bells - but no barbells, and just a few machines.  Have a great week!

  • Dear Wisewoman44:  Maybe you would consider buying some ankle or wrist weights, you could wear them as you lift your DB's for added weight.  Just a thought!

  • This should keep you busy for a while ;-)

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  • That is a great website. Thanks, Uncle_BFL.

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  • That IS a great website,  Thanks for this one Uncle_BFL!!!!