Group fitness

  • I have a question about group fitness classes.  I currently teach 4 1 hour classes, step and Zumba, but am doing the BFL workouts in addition,  I am finding that I am really hungry at night, after my 6th meal.  I am only in week 3, too!!  can I add an additional meal if I am working out more?  Some days, like this whole week, I do a few extra classes, so today I did my upper body, then taught step, then did 2 hour long demo classes of Zumba... Thursday I have 4 demo classes in addition to my regular stuff!!!  I realize the importance of the HIIT so that's why I know my regular classes aren't getting me that intensity level I need, but grrrrrrrrr...  I am starving!!!

  • Not sure if I would add another meal or just add more food to your current meals.

    But yeah, you could certainly eat more if you are burning more.

    You don't want to set yourself in to too much of a calorie deficit or you will be counter productive.