Weights question!

  • Hiya,

    I find the one minute rest between sets especially the 5 and 6 level intensity too long and so I dont feel like im getting up a proper sweat.. does/did anyone else feel like this?  Do you think I should make the rest period shorter or will I get the same results either way??

    Thanks heaps.

  • Rest is a personal-thing[as-long as your Health permits], its up to you, as long as you don't exceed your target HR. how-much you are in-shape will determine your rest-periods.

    as an example; when I was 21,  I was in top-physical-condition, and could exercise for hours

    with only 1-2min, rest, I was soo-fit my resting-pulse was very-Low!, I could run for hours!

    so, 1-5 minutes is not unusual. [1-3for cardio and 2-5 for Heavy lifting]

    go here -> worldfitnessnetwork.com/rest-between-sets

    hope that helps!

    my best to you!