When You Hit Your 10's

  • I've seen some people ask what hitting a 10 is like, so I thought I'd create this thread and we can have a little fun with it.  So:



    When I hit my 10 it's not my muscles getting me there.  No, my muscles are past the point of wanting to quit, they hate me at this point.  They are screaming "Oh heck no" but my heart is screaming "OH HECK YEAH".   At this point, my eyes are closed, I imagine all of the veins in my head and neck are sticking out.  I feel something like what the Incredible Hulk looks like when he is going through his change from the computer nerd to the green monster.  The only thing that matters at that point is getting that final rep in...it's a zone and when you have hit it, you know it.

  • My dad was a Company Commander (Navy Drill Sargeant)  so I can still hear his voice motivating me when I hit the weights.  "Recruit!!  Give me 10 Now!!!!"    Sir Yes Sir!

    So being in week 7 I am starting to feel what a true 10 feels like.  It's when you just don't know if you can push it any further.  You are deeep in your workout and your body wants to give up.

    This is when I look myself in the mirror, look deep in my eyes, and listen.  I don't hear my dad's voice anymore.  I hear the many men from Navy Seals to all those that have fought for our country.  I hear them saying..."we've given it all we've got, pushed it to the limits.    All you got is right now....so what are you going to do right now?"

    If you still can't feel or understand what a 10 is, watch the movie "Men of Honor" in the end scene when Cuba Gooding has to walk the 12 steps, wow now that's a level 10!

    ~Marqui D. C1W7D46