Lifespan of a Running Shoe

  • Does anyone have an idea how many miles we can expect to get out of our running shoes? My HIIT is on my home treadmill, I'm on week 9 and had my shoes a couple months before starting, I only wear them for exercising. I notice a little wear on one heel mostly...but imagine alot of wear and tear has occured to the inner cushioning material....more curious than anything...??/


  • Kat, not sure how many miles, but Ray on here used to be in shoe sales and he knows a lot about athletic shoes; maybe he can help you.  He usually pops in on the coffee crew in the morning or afternoon...If I "see" him tomorrow, I will try and remember to direct him to your question! Have a good night growing muscles...that's where I'm headed! :)

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  • When I had a trainer, she told me running/workout shoes should be changed every 6-12 months depending on how often they are used.  I found it to be true in my case.

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  • I have two pair of running shoes which I alternate (got them buy one get one free)  they are not the most upscale kind but both are comfy and do the job.  I got out of the habit of using my running shoes for general purpose and only use them for working out.  This has helped me keep them in tip top shape.  Also wearing good padded socks helps preserve the cushion in the shoe as well.

  • Hi James,

    I'm a runner and have always been told it's about 500-600 miles. If you do want to run, and are serious, if you get fitted for shoes at a running store, it makes all the difference in the world. I found out I pronated and needed stability shoes. If you're just wearing them to work out in the gym, just whatever feels good for you is fine.

  • I used to manage a Footlocker. You should change your running shoes every 4-6 months. It averages out to about 300-500 miles. Even if your shoes look completely new, the cushioning inside and shock absorption is completely shot after 500 miles and you risk injury. Even if they still feel ok to you, believe me they arent. You're just used to them. Wear one pair for 6 months and then try on a brand new one of the exact same pair. They will feel like completely different shoes.

  • Sounds as if you're a heel striker like me.  I say buy new shoes.  All the other advice sounds about right to me. I just bought new sneaks, and I do feel the difference in the cushion.  If nothing else, you could invest in a pair of cushioned insoles if you dont feel it's the right time for a new purchase.   I personally think that when you increase the speed in a run in particular, the extra cushion is a foot saver.  I too only wear my newer sneakers for workouts, and now use my old pair for everything else.  I was fitted at a running store, and the salesman brought out three shoes based on both how I walked and by looking at the wear of my old sneaker.  He was spot on, and I picked the best out of three.   There are so many on the market, you're sure to find something perfect.