advice on hitting a 10 and safety concerns

  • Starting the challenge on monday.  My biggest question or concern is,  I am definately would love to hit a 10 but the problem i see is I will be working out alone and he wants you to use freeweights.  So if i don't have a spotter there I don't want to wind up not being able to push the bar off my chest or drop a dumbell on myself.  Can I use hammer strength machines or other machines for the excercises instead for safety reasons?  Will hammer strength machines be as effective?? Thank you in advance

  • Id say personally to start using free weights for sets 1-5 and for the level 10 set use a machine until your comfortable and know your limits.. then and only then move on to all free weights.. Also, personally I really enjoy hammer strenght machines.. Best of luck to you

  • cool. thanks for advice, i guess i will just use free weights and make sure not to overdo it til i figure out what i can do without killing myself lol.  What do you think about creatine?  I am looking to lose fat and get toned but i used it in my 20s when i got out of shape and it really helped me with my losing weight and looking good.  I am 34 now btw.