Who takes Advocare products?

  • If so, what products are you using to help with your transformation?

  • I have not used them, but when I had posted up after my first 4 weeks on facebook about my accomplishments, an old friend sent me information that she was selling them.  The only thing I would be interested in was protein or meal replacement shakes.  The issue I ran into is that their MRS had less than half the protein I needed and would have made me go broke in the amount of cash I was going to spend.

    Their are many supplments out there that you could use, stick with quality proteins.  The most expensive would be whey isolates, but you can use whey blends or concentrates, but shouldn't be paying the same price as the isolates.  If you are entering the competition you have to use an EAS product, but if you are not then I have seen many other supplements that could be utilized instead of.  Don't forget to take some vitamin c and e to help out as well.

  • I've used Advocare products.  I really like Spark, Rehydrate, and Restore.  Not really into the shakes--prefer to make my own with vanilla whey protein.  The Advocare cleanse is good too.

  • I'm not looking to compete. EAS products are also expensive I already checked them out. I was just curious to see if anyone uses the meal replacement shakes as part of their meal plans.

    I am currently just using the spark. Yes, I've done the cleanse and it works great. Great jumpstart to weight loss.

    However, my goals are to tone up and gain muscle mass not necessarily lose any more weight.

    What brand of whey protein do you buy? Also, do you drink it after workouts or as part of meal plan?

  • I buy 100% whey protein from GNC.  I don't remember what the brand is right now.  I usually combine it with almond milk and frozen blueberries and/or strawberries for breakfast.

  • There are plenty of great proteins out there, just make sure you are paying for protein, you can always add carbs.  I do prefer my own smoothies with protein, but don't have a blender and fridge at my side all day.  Here was a cost analysis I had completed on protein supplements and I hope it is beneficial to all.

    Type Cost Servings Calories Protein Cost per serving
    whey isolate 51 69 90 20 0.74
    EAS Whey Protein (whey blend) 45 75 120 23 0.60
    myoplex original (whey blend) 70 42 290 42 1.67
    myoplex orginal RTD  40 12 310 42 3.33
    myoplex lite RTD 53 24 170 20 2.21
    Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes 40 14 220 24 2.86
    Type Cost / 20g protein Cost / 40g protein Cost / 60g protein
    whey isolate 0.74 1.48 2.22
    EAS Whey Protein (whey blend) 0.52 1.04 1.57
    myoplex original (whey blend) 0.79 1.59 2.38
    myoplex orginal RTD  1.59 3.17 4.76
    myoplex lite RTD 2.21 4.42 6.63
    Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes 2.38 4.76 7.14


    Type 3- 20g/ Day 3- 40g/ Day 3- 60g/ Day
    whey isolate 2.22 4.43 6.65
    EAS Whey Protein (whey blend) 1.57 3.13 4.70
    myoplex original (whey blend) 2.38 4.76 7.14
    myoplex orginal RTD  4.76 9.52 14.29
    myoplex lite RTD 6.63 13.25 19.88
    Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes 7.14 14.29 21.43
    Type 3- 20g weekly 3- 40g weekly 3- 60g weekly
    whey isolate 15.52 31.04 46.57
    EAS Whey Protein (whey blend) 10.96 21.91 32.87
    myoplex original (whey blend) 16.67 33.33 50.00
    myoplex orginal RTD  33.33 66.67 100.00
    myoplex lite RTD 46.38 92.75 139.13
    Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes 50.00 100.00 150.00
  • Love the chart flatliner! Thanks for posting that!

  • No problem, I should add that the proteins above are if you buy in 5 lb tubs.  I purchase most of my supplements through fitrx.com and sometimes they have free shipping or deals that you can't pass up.  They even throw in a shaker for you.  I've tried even doing my own complete protein shakes cost analysis using yogurts, milks, cottage cheese etc, but for me and since I am looking for 40+g of protein per shake it's hard to not to just use one of these supplements.  All natural starts getting pretty pricey to get what I need.   For others though, it may make more sense.  I think it's very possible to create smoothies with 20g protein without breaking the bank, any more though and you start using these supplements more.

  • Which one do you take?

  • I have been a big Myoplex Original advocate, but I use the packets and a shaker.  It's about convenience and pricing for me.  Easy to throw a pouch and shaker in my laptop bag, not so easy to carry around my tubs or little containers.  It's hard to change old habits and my old friend helped me in the past and it's helping me now.

    Enough of the sappiness... I often use Optimum Nutrition Gold or EAS.  I've also used one branded by my gym Xsport Fitness which has 90% whey isolates.  My wife enjoys Muscle Milk and she can't stand my Myoplex.  So taste and ease of mixing with fluids are all factors to.  Start with ON a 2lb tub and see how you like it.  I often get vanilla or strawberry, because it's compatible with fruit smoothies.  Hope it helps!

  • Sweet! Thanks for the info.

  • I have used Muscle Fuel, Spark, Post Workout Recovery, Overnight recovery, Catalyst, Thermoplus, Arginine, & Mass Impact.

    I feel that Catalyst and Spark, when paired together really work. They give me the pump I need to keep moving throughout cardio and weight training. I also think the overnight recovery pills really work to alleviate soreness.