8 week secret...

  • ...please do tell. What is this miracle I have heard about...I am not sure. I gather if you have played your cards right for the first 8 weeks, you can see mayor results by week 8?

    thanks..from a member wet behind her ears

  • Good Morning jaja.  The timing of seeing various types of results varies for everyone.  The eight week milestone seems to be a common time that women in particular start to really notice stuff going on.  This is so individual though based on starting point and goals.  

    Congratulations on your activity, soon your ears will be dry.

  • This is week 8 for me.  I'm still waiting for my miracle.  There are noticeable changes.  Even my husband said something last night that you can really tell in my hips and stomach.  But still only 4 lbs of actual weight gone.  I am stronger and smaller.  My clothes fit better but still not down a size.  And no popping muscles yet.   But the changes from week 1 to now tell me to keep going....it's coming!  

    Good luck with your Challenge jaja!

  • Thank you, so much to you all...!

  • Jaja you can read the Ladies Success Document at www.mikeharris.org.

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  • C1W2D5, I can already notice a change and I've been at it 12 days. I have lost 4lbs. I give it 100% at my workouts and really hit those 10's as often as possible. I believe if I can get a spotter to come with me for my next UBWO I'll be even better. I also have taken my free days and enjoyed my food and wine. I can't wait to see what for future weeks hold for me. Pounds lost are not my concern but they are nice to see. I just want to build my "furnance". :o)

    One thing I have noticed is an anxiety I get on my free day, I worry that I've fallen of the wagon and quit the plan even though I know its a part of the plan. It isn't until I'm back to my routine that I feel "safe" again.

    I'm so happy for the support you all give and have found it extremely helpful to motivate me every step of the way!

  • Well whatever you do with your free day, please remember it is a day to let your body rest and to free yourself from anxiety.

    I have noticed that last week on my free day I ate less than the previous 4 weeks' free days.  I had a bit of that anxiety you mentioned but I acknowledged it and just let it go.


  • I have found that I will make huge lists of food I want to eat on my free day...l then on Saturday, I suddenly don't care for a big breakfast or <food porn>.  and I mostly just take a break from planning and eating every 2 hours and not drinking SO much water.

    Anyways, I hope the 8 week miracle happens!! I'm 2 weeks away from it and have some high hopes

    : z

    Stacy Lynn