Treadmill Routines

  • At one time, there were a couple treadmill routines on the site. Are they still available? I cannot locate them. Any help would be appreciated!

  • I can't help you with the treadmill routine but can tell you enough to let you develp one for yourself.  Start the first two minutes by slowly bringing your heart up to your target heart rate.  (Warm Up)  Now, go to step 1 by either increasing the speed or the incline.  Do that for a minute and go to step 2 by either increasing the speed or the incline.  After a minute at step 2, incrase to step 3 the same way.  After a minute, take the last step up to step 4 buy either speed/slope/or both.  After one minute, return the settings to step 1 levels.  After you go from step 1 to step 4 four times, you will be at the 19 minute mark.  Go back to step one and do that for 1 minute.  Then go below step one speed/slope until your HR is below 100.  Now go drink your ice water.  Good job.  By the way - at step 4 you should feel that if you increased the speed or incline another notch, you could not stay on it.  Step 4 should be your intensity level 9.5.

    Hope this helps.