Training routine

  • I see a lot of different meal plans and suggestions,but no gym routines. I would like to see some of the champions gym routines posted or some of the challengers routines to get an idea of what exercises they like to use just like the meals they like. Thanks.

  • Welcome to BFL goldcaps,  Do you have access to or have a copy of the Body for Life Book written by Bill Phillips?  I use the routines in that book and enter them in the Body for Life Success journal to stay on track when I do a challenge. (my next one this year will be Challenge #3 for me...I lost about 17lbs of fat last time and gained some serious muscle using the BFL system of weight lifting and cardio(HIT High Intensity Training). I wish you well in your endeavors!

  • Goldcaps: Welcome to BFL. We are roughly the same age (I'm 52). Here is a typical bfl routine that I would use.....although I do mix it up to keep some variety. Chest: dumbell bench press/pec dec for final 12 reps. Back: seated rows/pulldowns. Shoulders: military press/dumbell lateral flies. Triceps: Close grip bench/rope pulldowns. Biceps: Standing barbell curls/seated incline dumbell curls. You simply pick 2 different excersises for each bodypart and do one of them with the 12-10-8-6-12 format supersetting the last set with 12 reps of the 2nd excersise. I'm always picking different excersises to keep things interesting. Hope this helps....all the best.

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  • I'm with you Gold caps. I wish the champions would show us their work out. Maybe they all kept on track. and did the program perfectly. my problem is finding the time in the morning. I'm still just getting use to the diet and have done some DVD workouts. I walk to work too so that also helps. Remember progress not perfection. Give ourselfs some grace and time to develop. Blessings!