Bodyweight cardio for HIIT

  • I have acchiles tendonitis, and thus stay away from long periods of impact on my ankles, specifically my right ankle and foot.  So, I have been paying attention to a lot of athletes like Craig Ballyntine and monkey bar specialists like Hit Richards and Hannibal 4 King.  Thy have emphasized bodyweigt cardio (jumping jacks, bodyweight-only squats, mountain climbers, and lunges, among other things.  Has anyone else toyed with this conceot and seen results?  This past Saturday, I did jump rope using tube socks and tennis balls to keep my height low, squats, lateral leg lifts over chair (P90X), simplified burpees (jump back, step forward, reach-not jump-up), and one minute fast high knees for my level 10.  Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated!

  • Sounds interesting, if you can monitor your heart rate and hitting your zones for your 10's then I don't see why it wouldn't work.  Good luck!

  • You can do 4 exercises then rest. making sure you get your heart rate in your target zone, recover and repeat.  I also suggest. Speak to your doctor regards meds that will help with the tendonitis.  Work on strengthening your ankle and stretches for it as well.  Band work is also a great form of exercise.

  • Plyo from P90X is a great cardio work out. The first time I did it, I couldnt go up or down the stairs normally for over a week! I didnt realize how hard I was working because we were so busy giggling at Tony Hortons cheesy commentary. Ill bet you would see great results using this!