Sounds of Motivation

  • With all the Ipod's MP3's etc out there, we are just surrounded w/ so much music, we'd have to do 10 challenges to get to listen to it all!  lol

    What I am curious to know is what are some songs people listen to get their blood pumping and get motivated and just make you say...yeah...let's do this. I can do this!

    So here is what I listen to

    On my way to the Gym MWF for my UBWO/LBWO  I always listen to Fabolous' Song "It's my time"   Love the part where he says, "First I took the time out, then I put the time in. "    Once at the gym, call me weird, but I don't mess w/ an IPOD, I'm so focused, I just want to hear my own breathing and my inner voice motivating me to keep going.

    For my Cardio Days, first I'll stretch and open that session w/ Linkin' Parks song "My December"  It soothe's me and get's me in the mood.  Other stretching songs from Keith Urban, Nickelback esp Far Away, and then Survivor's Eye of the Tiger to get me ready for my 20 Min Crazy Cardio.

    During the Cardio I'll listen to podcasts from Tiesto, Paul Okenfold, or Podrunner.  These are high energy beats and it makes the 20 minutes go by fast!

    So share your thoughts and ideas.  I could, as well as others, use some songs that just get us so pumped and motivated!

    ~Marqui D.  C1W7D43

  • Love, love, love Eye of the Tiger! No matter how tired I am I instantly perk up.  

    Far From Over by Frank Stallone is another.  We Got It Going on by Bon Jovi, How Bad Do You Want It? by Tim McGraw - just a few.  Just thinking about them makes me want to go run intervals.  :)

    How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?  Anthony Robbins

  • I love me some high energy dance music to help get the body going, I have three different mixes I use.  One is 90's dance music, one is more recent and the third is just a mix of favorites.  I should make a new one for motivation.  I have started plugging my headphones right into the treadmill as the ones at the YWCA where I work out have satellite tv on them.  I occasionally get a static shock through my ears when running hard so I'll stop that.  Another weird thing is that when using my mp3 player and touch the machine to change intensity, my player will just shut down.  Maybe the treadmill isn't grounded properly.

  • James! Be careful....static shock in the ear?? Ouch!!

    I downloaded a fitness mix from itunes, it's called Power Music Workout, the songs play's pretty good and has a good bpm going on!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...