Training for race

  • Hi, I would like to do BFL and train for an 8K. What is the best way to do this? I cannot remember if the recommendation is to do one long run per week in addition to the 3 20 min sessions, or to do one long run in place of a 20 min session ? Next question is---will i be sacrificing my progress drastically if I try to do this during a challenge ? I have had good results so far, am down almost 20 pounds and worried about sacrificing weight loss. I am finishing up challenge 2 by Thanksgiving but would like to begin another. 


    Thanks !

  • I have trained for many races during my last 2 challenges and have been very successful. I just completed a half marathon yesterday....felt great and my finishing time was great! I follow BFL very consistently. I do the 3 cardio sessions a week, and use running as my cardio HIIT. My cardio sessions include two-30 minute running HIITs during the week, and a long run on Saturdays (my mileage depends on where I am in my training for a race). I continue to do 3 strength training sessions per week on the alternating days. I have had wonderful success with BFL this way. I tailor it to my needs b/c I am a runner, but I also know the benefits (and have the proof too!) of strength training.

    Another thing I do is take my free eating day on Saturdays b/c I tend to want more carbs after a long run! Then, my rest day from workouts is on Sundays.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi, thanks so much for the prompt response ! Congrats on running your half marathon. That is awesome. I have just been scared of doing anything differently for fear of getting stuck or staling in progress. Can I ask you a few questions ?

    1. Why do you do 2 30 min sessions instead of the 20 min? Is this to help with your race prep?

    2. Have you tweaked your diet at all to incorporate the increase in cardio ?

    3. Have you done BFL the traditional way before race training?

    4. When you do your long run, do you do interval training while running ? or steady state ?

    So for an 8k, I guess if I did 2 30 min sessions, I would run (since I am still at a 10min mile) I would run my 3 miles two days and then do the 5 miles the other day?

    Thanks for your help runnermom! It feels really nice to have support :)

  • I would love to see the answers to the above questions as well. I have been searching and searching for someone who has had success on BFL while training for a half marathon!  I know it is not the "recommended" strict BFL way, but I am training for a race and want to lose weight with a healthy eating plan, and incorporate strength training as, it makes sense!  Just don't want to feel like I am wasting my time and energy for diminished results.