What's a 10?

  • I'm in the same boat as Brez with spotters.  Orrin nails it alright, but what I do to hit my 10s is when I reach hit a rep where I need to push really hard, I drop the weight down to finish my reps.  This is done to exhaustion and has a similar effect and result of a 10.

  • Hey Everyone!

    Day 1: Upper Body complete!  It felt so good to focus and get through the high points of all muscle groups the way you're suppose to.

    Two bits of advice:

    1) The High Points - In past times, I realized I have cut corners here.  By time you get to those last two sets of 12, it's easy to just get 'em done without taking time to really hit that Level 10 (the most your body can output).  Furthermore, it's difficult to imagine doing that 5 times during the course of a workout.  But I believe this is one of the cornerstones of the program.  Forcing the adaptations which will lead to transformation.  Take time to find that right weight for each muscle group that brings your body to hit Level 10--which leads to my second bit of advice.

    2) The Journal - I've never kept a journal that tracks my weight lifting progress until this morning.  It seems tedious and yet another thing to carry around and remember.  However, if we're really going to go for those Level 10 High Points then we've got to have a way to track what weight brings our body to Level 10.  It would be nearly impossible, especially for someone starting fresh, to remember what weight they used for every muscle group and how close it pushed them to Level 10.  I think when we rely only on our memory, we probably don't hit Level 10 consistently through the course of the program.  The link below provides the journal charts to track progress (Look at page 3 and 5).  


    I have modified this to a smaller version (details below if you'd like to know what I'm using).

    Good luck everyone.  Go strong.


    My journal plan:  I have compacted this journal to a mini-binder version that's much more practical to carry around the gym.  I took a lot of time this morning to reformat, resize, print, cut, and punch this new journal.  The picture below shows what it looks like.  If you'd like me to send you this smaller, formatted version, message me and I'll email you the PDF, which you can cut, punch, and put into a mini-binder too.  I think it'll be very helpful.

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  • Michelle-there are some goofy things on this site as far as functionality goes!  Feel free to email me and if it's the journal you want, I can shoot that right back to you.


    Good luck!