AB routine what works for you?

  •  Hi fellow BFLers! 

    I am starting the challenge in two weeks ( I have a shoulder injury that is preventing me to start sooner) However, I have been working on cardio and my abdominal workout in the interim but am very frusturated since I don't see any results. I work out regularly at the gym and also was doing P90X for the last year and a half prior to injurying myself this included the AB ripper X routine. For some reason I can't get the results that I want. 

    My current AB and Oblique routine consists of the following: 

    AB  Routine: 

    1. Toe Touch Crunch (8lb Medicine Ball) : 3 x 25 

    2. Straight Leg Raises (non-weighted): 3 x 25

    3. Decline Crunches: 3 X 25 

    4. Wood Chopper (8lb Medicine Ball) : 3 x 25 

    5. Incline Crunches: 3 X 25 

    6. 45-degree Twist (8lb Medicine Ball): 3 X 25 

    Oblique Routine: 

    1. Straight arm Twist each side (40 lbs): 3 X 25 

    2. Side Bends (30lbs): 3 X 25 each side 

    3. Side Bends Romain Chair (25lbs): 3 X 25

    I can't seem to see any results. I understand that diet is a key factor in achieving the ripped look and I do eat healthy but am getting no results! 

    Anyone care to share what has worked for them?


  • How often are you doingnthis?  

  • Abs are muscles like any other. Your are doing way too many exercises and reps. If you want them to grow do the same number of reps & sets as you do for the other muscles in your work out. One exercise for the abs and one for the transversis. Twice a week.  You need to get your BF lower than 15% to start to see the outline of the abs.  <10% to have a 6 pack. That comes from total body workouts & HIIT cardio. and of course a great diet.

  • All true, I would also like to add that working other muscle groups will release hormone into the blood stream that will make all muscles grow including abs, working your whole body will thicken abs better then more abdominal workouts. So work those quads and chest, not just the abs.

    Also doing abdominal work out will not cause fat loss from the belly. Fat loss will be system wide and unfortunately belly fat is last to go. So the best thing you can do to get the 6 pack is all 3 ways at once, diet, cardio and weights.

  • I agree with everybody else.  Unless your body fat is close to 10 percent you aren't going to see your abs.  I do abs once  week and that's it.  Diet and overall weight lifting and cardio is the key not crunches

  • Good results in abs requires good nutrition.  Otherwise, the exercises and amount of exercise isn't going to show the definition you seem to want.  As Matty89 indicated, you need to get body fat down to get there.

  • Sooooooo.  I was 3% and didn't have rock hard abs, I now have 6% and do abs a few days a week and they are solid.  While I agree that body fat % is critical, working your abs for 10 minutes twice a week isn't quite enough, in my opinion....

  • Don't forget tons of water, lots of quality protein, and more fiber!!!!

  • I do legs lifts for 3 mins straight.  www.youtube.com/watch

    Don't let your feet touch the floor ever.  If you need a break hold your knees to your chest.  I challenge anyone to do;-)

  • I have used several types of exercises,  leg lifts on a slant board, Nautilus Ab Machine and Crunch machine, Seated AB twists on machine, Roman Chairs,  situps on slant board, high level with weights on my chest and Side bend pulls with a cable weight machine.  I change them around and usually do them every other day or on cardio day.  Right now I am doing 3 sets of 15 with a 45 second rest between but on BFL it is in progessive sets numbering 4 or 5 believe. They are correct about the body fat, that does have to be dropped to show the good work below, abs are last to show that.

  • Check out the book "Absolution" by Shawn Phillips - it may not be in print any longer, I got mine off ebay in a used book store.  My husband is following those excercises and he is seeing results...he doesnt have a 10 BF either but he still sees and feels the results and so can I.  When he does get to that low BF percentage, it will be amazing...I can already tell!

  • I do P90X as well, Surfer.  If you are doing that, you have the abs.  Now focus on the diet.  My BFP is <12% and I get complements all the time on my abs.

  • Ever tried planks? I measure them by increments of 15 seconds each set. For example, 15, 30. 45, 60, with rests in between. I've seen the fastest results from doing this correctly. And since it works your core, you can do them every day if you want. Get ready to be sore though. They work, and they hurt.