Weight Confusion??

  • I'm just starting the program and can't remember how to change the weight on weight training...I have the reps/minutes between/intensity numbers but I need direction on how the weight changes.  I start low and go heavier, then when do I drop back to low again?  Can anyone help??

  • mommadee,

    Yes you go heavier as your reps drop for the first 4 sets.. just an example here with chest exercises:

    dumb bell bench press:

    1.12 reps 20 lbs level 5 intensity.

    2.10 reps 25 lbs level 6 intensity.

    3.  8 reps 30 lbs level 7 intensity.

    4.  6 reps 35 lbs level 8 intensity.

    Now for the last 2 sets you do back to back sets of 12 reps to finish. Your first set of 12 would be the same exercise with the weight you did 8 reps with, in this example it would be 30lbs immediately followed by a second exercise working the same body part just a different movement.. so from dumbbell presses you would go directly to dumbbell flys with a slightly lower weight the key here *and this will take some trial and error* is to pick a weight for your final set that will make you  literally give all you got to complete the entire 12 reps.. some days will be easier than others keeping logs of this will make it much easier to know where you left off and where to begin the next time you come back to this body part and exercise again. I hope this helps Give it your best!

  • Thanks Dude!  I believe I did it right!