Ab Training

  • I was reviewing some of the amazing transformations that some people have made and am having a hard time believing that they only trained abs  on the lower body days;  I am 4 weeks into BFL and am starting to see results in my upper body but feel like I need to spend more time on abs - guess because that is where I want to see some major improvement.  For my ab workout I am doing the P90X workout Ab Ripper X which is awesome.  Should I increase the frequency of ab workouts?  Did all these people who have had major transformations only work their abs out per the program? Or did they do more cardio? Just doesn't seem like enough ab work.......

  • Hi,

    I've wondered the same thing. When I read what they've written it seems as though they all say to stick to the plan as closely as possible. If your read the letters from the champions that correspond with each week you'll find that they don't recommend extra anything, they recommend perfecting your form, making sure you're hitting 9's and 10's for intensity and not slipping up on meals.

    It is truly remarkable to see the six packs on some of the women. Some of them seem to get their body fat much lower than others and that is probably a huge factor in whether or not those ab muscles really show. Maybe the woman with a layer of softness (a.k.a. fat) over the abs have just as well developed muscles but they just can't be seen quite as well.

  • Hello,   I felt the same way during my first challenge and the past one, so I added some (not overdoing it though to defeat the building up time/progress inbetween) , ab work to my cardio days. Exercises like the roman chair,  cable side pulls,  Nautilus AB chair crunches (two types) and leg lifts. I never really got used to the idea that 2 or  times a week with just  different exercises was enough to bring out all that defination.  True though, a lot of the ab showing up IS diet and fat percentage related also. It's kind of a combination of both I think.

  • I agree, I do think it is definately a combo of diet and fat percentage, and also now that I think about it women in particular carry alot of their extra fat around their middles as opposed to arms/chest. And myself has had two children so the old ab muscles are not what they used to be.   4 weeks in I am starting to see definition in my arms/shoulders/chest but naturally have more to lose around the middle.  Perhaps your right  Patricia, maybe I do have a 6 pack under there!! :o)  I think I will ramp up

    the ab work to my cardio days and that will bring it up to 3 x a week instead of just on the lower body training day, I have the energy so why not? :o)

  • Yes, i do extra things on my cardio days also. I'm there and i have time so why not. I've been doing core exercises though. I  am still recovering from shoulder surgery in the spring and everything got messed up afterwards. I couldn't use my right arm and shoulder and if I did anything it was in a most convoluted way. My other side was doing twice as much work and doing it wrong half the time and before I knew it I was just aching' all over. So, I am 85% there as far as range of motion and the core exercises I do help with getting everything back in alignment. I do extra on the ones that seem like they help stretch the shoulder muscles. There are abdominal exercises in that program too so I guess I am doing extra ab exercises.  They're really interesting exercises too, different than many I've seen. The book i use for that is "The Core" by Peggy Brill. She explains that certain standard ab exercises weaken our abdominal floor ( crunches ) and recommends others that help strengthen it and give the same good ab workout. I liked learning new ones. She has three different levels so you can go the most challenging level to make sure you give yourself a good ab workout.

  • Be patient grasshoppers.... :)

    Take note as well - men carry their weight from top of belly to pelvis. Like a ball. Go ahead put your hand right under your chest and make that ball shape in the air and stop at the pubic line. THAT is your man fat zone.

    Now flip that palm up at the pubic line and make that ball shape up towards belly button. THAT is your woman fat zone.

    Doesnt matter which way you look at it, those will be, for many, the last place for fat cells to shrink. Not disappear. SHRINK. Be patient. Be persistant. Watch as the fat falls from every god given area of your body and THEN enjoy it fall off your abs. (well for most people anyways - you get my point)