Bill Phillips 5/25 Workout Plan

  • Thanks so much for sharing the links, looks like an awesome workout!

  • Hey Heather,

    Have you (or anyone else who posted on this) figured out if you progressively add weight with each cycle?  On BFL you keep adding weight but of course the reps go down.  I've looked at the Transformation site and I don't see where it addresses it.  I'm thinking that maybe you keep the same weight , for curls for example, throughout the entire workout.  Then add weight on future workouts as your strength increases.

    What have you figured out?  (BTW, I've completed 3 BFL challenges so I'm familiar with the process.)


  • Hey Saralynn,


    Just wondering if you've been using progressive weights for the 5 25 program.  Or have you been keeping the same weight per body part throughout the workout?  And then adding the weight on the following workout?

    I've just started the 5 25 program and haven't been able to get an answer to that aspect.  Thanks for your help.



  • I have only been using the 5/25 for cardio and regular BFL pyramids for weight workouts. However, it was my understanding from the videos on Bill Phillip's site that the same weights are used for all five cycles. I wonder if there is a place to submit e-mail questions, or maybe a forum at his new site?

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