workout question

  • hi guys i need to know if i am doing something wrong. i am following the example from the book routine for lower body workouts. i start with leg press

    12 x 120

    10 x 140

    8 x 160

    6 x 180

    12 x 160

    12 x 120     

      after this, as same as the book BFL i do dumbbell lunges

    12 x 8 lbs

    10 x 10

    8 x 12

    6 x 15

      but by this  momment my quadriceps are killing me i cant stand the pain. i feel as i was continiune working with quads  instead my hamstring

    what am i doing wrong?   than you



  • With that example yes you would be super sore. You should do the 12x120, 10x140, 8x160, 6x180, 12x160, then a set of 12 reps that work the same muscle but is different maybe like squats. Lunges work the quads also but are more of a hamstring exercise.

    I would try :

    12 x 120-Leg press

    10 x 140-Leg press

    8 x 160-Leg press

    6 x 180-Leg press

    12 x 160-Leg press

    12 x 120-Squats  

    Make sure you are resting the one minute between sets, and two minutes befor moving to another body part, and of course LOTS of water. And there are just normal DOM's sometimes with starting out a new program. Good luck , hope that helped a little.

  • 12 x 120-Leg press

    10 x 140-Leg press

    8 x 160-Leg press

    6 x 180-Leg press

    12 x 160-Leg press

    12 x 120-Squat.                      so far  am ok without pain here, but  when i continue with hamstring,( doing

                                                       dumbell lunges     12 x 8 lbs, 10 x 10 lbs, 8 x 12 lbs   and  so on,  is when

                                                        the pain comes in my  quadriceps that is why i think lunges and leg press

                                                        work exactly the same muscles ( quadriceps)

                                                         thank you for taking your time answering my question.

  • You could back down on the weights for doing lunges. When I started, I did my first set with nothing in my hands and moved up from there! I was still plenty sore for a couple of days.

    Or try doing your 5 sets with the dumbbell deadlifts instead and then just do one set of lunges for your sixth set. Maybe that will give your quads adequate rest? When those lunges stop hurting your quads, then you could switch back to trying the five sets of lunges again.


  • Hi cantoro2000hotmailcom,

    You are right,  lunges work the quads so if you are using them for hamstrings you could switch to deadlifts.

    Best wishes,


  • or if you are able to, do  leg curls.. if you are working out at home you can also dumbbell leg curls.. many instructional videos on youtube. best of luck to you!

  • Thank You to everyone of you guys, for all the alternatives that I can use now to feel less pain in my quads.

  • With lunges if you step further apart it will work more of you hamstrings but you will still feel in quads. If you feet are closer together it works mostly quads. Trying stepping further apart and see if that works. :-)