Ever miss a challenge workout? How did you handle it?

  •  Would you handle it differently if it was weight training vs. cardio?

    If a morning workout was missed, I think it would be easy to make up later in the day, but what if you couldn't? So you stuck to the diet part but not the exercise plan for that day.

    I recently missed an upper body workout and decided to do it the next day. Curious on thoughts whether it would be best to do in addition to cardio then or do the cardio the day after, until able to catch up on free day? Using the missed workout day as an exercise free day and doing a workout on the scheduled free day, but keeping scheduled free day an eating free day.

    Obviously easiest to not miss workouts in the first place, but trying to stay in it even though I am making mistakes.

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  • My Lower body day just happened to fall on easter.  The YWCA I use decided to close that day.  Even though it was not optimal, I did my cardio on Saturday as scheduled and then followed it with my LBWO.   To make sure I didn't have a totally inactive Sunday, I did some very light jogging.  I picked my regular schedule up with HIIT on Monday.  I didn't really miss any workouts, just did one a day early.  It was very important to my morale to say and think that I didn't miss one.

  • I'm sure someone more experienced than me will chime in with more info but MEANTIME....

    I made myself a schedual...each day I ditufully cross of each w/o... if I miss one I then have to play catch up.  I'd rather do it a less than perfect time and be able to cross it off than to entirely miss it.  Trying to catch up on FREEDAY is a bit of a crap shoot for me.  I take my free w/o day on a different day than free food day... keeps me on the starighter and narrower

  • PERSONALLY, I try and combine a cardio and weight training day when my schedule goes astray. It is better for me mentally to make it up ASAP. However, in the event that I cannot schedule the makeup in, I have to let it go and move on. The letting go and moving on is hard for me. I guess what I'm trying to say is what works for you? What is going to be more mentally beneficial to you? I think that is what it really boils down to.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • I've been good for the past 7 weeks because I made a commitment to do the workouts first thing in the morning.  But yesterday (Saturday - My free day is Sunday) something came up and got my schedule all helter skelter.  So what I did I flipped the days.  I called Saturday my free day and used today (Sunday) for my cardio work out and eating correctly day.

    It's gonna happen.  It's best not to double up a day because your body needs that rest so try using your "Free Day" flip to get back on track!

  • In my humble opinion, you have more cardio workouts in the plan than upper and lower body.  Make up the weight workouts for sure.  

    If you do chose to make it up in the same day at during the same session, do your weights first so that you will have enough glycogen in your muscle to hit the weights hard.  

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  • Thanks for posting. I missed my workout today as well because of crazy scheduling. This help me out. You guys are a huge motivation and encouragement!

  • Suggestion: If you decide to make up a missed workout by combining cardio and weights on the same day, do the weights FIRST and the cardio LAST.

    When you lift weights, your body uses its carb stores for energy.  If you do cardio immediately after weights, your body will have depleted the carb stores, turning to fat for energy.  That's a good thing!

    I'm not saying you should make a habit out of doing weights and cardio on the same day.  But I am saying that if you plan on doing it once in a while (e.g. making up missed workouts), do it that way.

  • I missed both a cardio and a weight workout 2 weeks ago when we went to Disneyland. We definitely got in a bunch of walking but I didn't get my scheduled workouts in. I skipped my free day the next week and just worked all the way through instead.

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  • HIIT today, was only able to do 10 min before nearly croaking. I've been really tired lately, not sleeping well and think my energy is going to fighting off something. Attempted Cardio with a pounding headache... anyway but the lungs just couldn't take it and began coughing. coughing, coughing....It was better than not trying at all, wish I could have finished. Instead, guzzled lotsa water, marked it off the list and became one with the recliner! lol