What to do when gym space is limited/occupied

  • I followed Bill's exact workout for the first week for upper/lower.

    The first day (upper) wasn't so bad because it was mostly dumbbells and a bench and I went at a time when it was not too busy and could just use the bench for the whole 45 minutes. However on the lower body day, not only was it busy, but some of the paired exercises in the high point were far away in the gym, making it hard to switch with "0" minutes between them. In some cases the machine for the second exercise would be occupied and I had to just go back to the first machine to do a final set of 12 reps.

    Any ideas around this? I have dummbells at home, but I wont be able to build a lower body gym at home.

    I also had a gym etiquette question. I was using four sets of weights for almost the whole 45 minute upper body workout, but I kept putting them back and getting them again for each different set. Is it reasonable to keep a set of 4 different weights at your bench for 45 minutes if you are using them the whole time?

  • Hello,

    Yup we all strike this at times.  If the machine or whatever is occupied for my last 12 reps, i either just keep pressing on the same machine, or i will have another excersize for that same group as a back up, so i don't miss out, as such.  I generally just grab the weights as i need them, in case someone else wants them..  i think its resonable to have a couple diff weights at one time, naturally people can ask for them, if your not using at that specific time, but more than not, people don't want to interupt or are shy.  I stay right beside the weights, so i just have to turn right and pick up.