Rock Sound track

  • Well made it back offshore and did my first gym session on my lower body and Abs was hungry to get back into the gym just like a hungry Lion trying to rip of a Hyennas head of.

    I have started training with the rocky sound track blarring out of my Ipod and funny as it sounds to use the rocky sound track it lifts me up and i manage to push myself by a easy 30% more especially on my high points. So those of you that need a boost on your gym sessions downlaod the rocky sound track and get motivated to push harder.


    EYE OF THE TIGER. Well must dash chat soon all.


    Jonny V

  • Oh My god.. lol... I thought I am the only one who still listens to Survivor. lol

    I listen to Eye of the Tiger and Burning Heart.

    I also have Rocky's speech "if you know what you're worth, go get what you're worth" on my Ipod :o(

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear