A change in scenery is a good thing!

  • I was wanting to do this when we had the 'clean week challenge', but didnt get it done that week.  Last night went and re-joined the local rec center.  They have an amazing set up for weights, cardio, a very nice pool etc etc.   So I joined last night.  Did a little work out last night just to review the layout / machines.   Just the bit I did showed me that I havent been working my muscles properly :).  Had 'lead weight legs' when I left and it was awesome!   So I really think the change in machines and that type of stuff is going to be great!  


    Now I need to decide if I'll be a good boy and go there after work, or should I still get up and work out before work.  They open at 530 which is when I normally start working out.  I could make my breakfast the night before, and my meals for work also.  Then I could go and work out at opening, then just take a shower etc etc, and eat before I leave the rec center and head right to work.   I initially didnt think they opened that early, but they do!   

    Also wondering if changing my workout schedule to evenings would actually help since my body isnt used to working out then.  Just another change up.  



  • dburg,  how did you do last week on our original challenge.  just to let you know I did eat clean all week even on free day?  How were your workouts?  

    I know free weights are espoused on bfl but I change up about every month, sometimes going to free weight machines etc.  Just to give my muscles a change and a challenge.

    And I have gone from evening workouts to mornings and back to evenings.  (not daily, weeks or months at a time) and it does challenge me differently.   Let us know how it goes.

  • I could never work out at the same time every day. Every day comes with its challenges and too many surprises because of self-employment. There are days I work out early morn, late morn, afternoon, or late eve. I still see results.

    i change my workouts every two weeks apart from certain weight machines due to limited range of movement on both knees.

    In my opinion, whatever will keep you optimally motivated is good.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Holy moley.. Man I've got the burn back on my upper body.   Lower I've always done pretty good at with my home gym, but had some new places on it too.  But WOW my upper is sore today!!!   Loving it!!   And makes it much easier with all the different machines and not having to 'set up' my home gym.   So I'm 're-excited'.  Plus went to the Dr. this AM and she is just overwhelmed with how serious I've been.  She told me to quit taking my BP pill, and just to monitor it.   BP was 120/80 this AM, usually in the evening it's been about 110/65 or so.   So she was still perfectly happy with it.

  • Woohoo!!   *throwing the confetti*  I am so thrilled for you that you are off your BP meds.  Thats fantastic.

    And yeah you are pushing your upper body too.   Keep it up.