abs and 20 minute arobic

  • when we do abs do we rerally due the same rep acheme as weights? seems to easy  also can anyone explain the levels of the 20 minute thing it seems too subjective dont grasp

  • It is recommended to do abs on LBWO days, but that is only once a week on some weeks.  I have always done my abs on the same days as cardio.  I have never followed the pyramid for abs.  I have always just found a challenging ab routine, and did it 3x per week.

    For the aerobic training.  20 minutes is more than enough, if you are doing it correctly.  The idea is to hit your 9's & 10's (this means you can hardly breathe, and you can't really talk for that minute that you are doing it).  You should be uncomfortable during most of the 20 minutes, but mainly the last two minutes of each cycle.  If you can sprint for that last minute, do it.  If not, run.  If not, jog.  Just give it your true 10, and you will know when you hit it.  When you do intervals such as these, your body continues to burn fat for up to 24 hours, as compared to only a few hours when you do steady-state cardio.

    Good luck!!

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