• I love to walk so in the evenings I walk fast pushing a stroller about 3-4 miles on top of doing my cardio/weights for the day.  Is this ok or will this hinder muscle recovery?  Thank you

  • You don't "need" to do that on bfl. I walk a lot. Last year when I did my first bfl cycle, I walked a lot almost everyday. I don't own a car and I do lots of stuff walking. It didn't hurt my results. However, I hammed it up a bit and added extra cardio on top and got myself badly injured. Be careful.

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  • thank you ruby, walking is my addiction and keeps me focused.  just don't want it to hurt my results.  

  • Just adding my 2cents - hahaha, my last challenge was about 10 years ago, i walked everynight, but on flat and just took it easy, it was a good meditation time for me.. back then it didnt hurt me, but  i wasnt pushing a pram and walked for maybe 20mins??

  • and here is my one cent.  go reread what Bill wrote about aerobic exercise in the book, and then reread it again.  then decide what will work for you, knowing the pitfalls and advantages.

  • gosh, just reread that and hope my post didn't sound snappy.  sorry if it did, as that was not my intention.  maybe its just late and i am a bit tired.  good luck to you