Why do we do cardio on this program at all?

  • I keep reading in the BFL book that weight training will both burn calories and build muscles that will help burn the fat off. The eating system with the exercise will revive metabolism. what is the job of cardio on this program?

    What will happen if we skip cardio altogether and do six days of weight training coupled with a disciplined diet?

    If it's just another way to burn extra calories in between, why can't we just up the weight training instead?

    Not that I want to change anything as i don't know enough to do that, but just wondering.

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  • Most of the literature shows that the best way to burn fat is to have a combination of both weight lifting and cardiovascular exercise.  Weight lifting builds muscle which elevates basal metabolic activity but then when you do cardio, you make that lean mass burn even more energy.  Not to mention that it helps overall with cardiovascular health. When you do cardio you increase VO2 max.  V02 max is the maximum amount of oxygen consumed by your body during exercise.  This increases your overall stamina.

  • Because you have to give your muscles time to recover.

  • The job of cardio in a fasted state is to burn significantly more body fat than lifting alone.  

    If you are lean and only wanting to build that's one thing.  

    If you have more than 15% bodyfat, then you want to continue cardio in order to eventually reduce your bodyfat in order to see abs, if you're in to that sort of thing.

    Cardio makes your heart and breathing healthy and fit.  

    Weight training makes your muscles look good.  What's the point of looking good if you can't sprint 100 meters if someone decides to chase you?

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  • dont skip cardio, its good for you and your CARDIOvascualar system....love your heart.

    Also realize how the BFL program works. Small portions of food, frequently with brief workouts = body comp changes. You are cutting body fat mainly through what you eat, the deficit, the rest of burnt off through the workouts.

    On the flip side, you coudl eat more. Go look at Lorenzo Claderon's meal plan on this site, he ate a solid 3k cals daily,, which is way more than BFL recommends. He did it the bodybuilder way, old school, 45 min-1hr cardio daily.

    Bfl keeps the food and the workouts at a moderate length. At the end of the day it's all about the deficit.