Very Stiff In Spite of Stretches. HELP!

  • Hi everyone,

    I am feeling very stiff after every workout. I do 30 minutes of stretches. I wind up being more tired and few hours later very stiff again. I am thinking of adding more stretches in the evening when my body is completely rested. May be also a quick stretch before I go to bed. Is there any I should do, even if some exercise on the side to ease this stiffness... maybe some swimming or will that be too much.

    I may add that my daily life involves walking for hours and sitting for hours. A paradox of extremes. It's starting to feel like too much. If I do add all these stretches and swimming or another sport, I am not sure how I am going to cope with all that. Are there any shortcuts to get results without spending the whole day on a yoga mat? HELP!

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  • Stretching at night is most effective.  I believe this will give you some relief.  Also, is there a medical condition that's a factor.  I'm not saying there is one so please don't get all nervous.  I'm just wondering if there's another factor. 

    I would suggest Reload as a supplement.  I use it with great results and it really does help with soreness and stiffness.  If I recall, you are not in the US, yes?  Maybe then get some HMB and Creatine. 

    You really don't need 30 minutes of stretching.  This might sound silly, but have you tried a quick warmup and then a quicker stretch?

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  • I usually use a hot cold water type therapy after working. The gym has a pool and a spa/whirlpool and I use those along with time in the sauna to help losen up.  At home I suppose a hot bath or cold or hot shower massage would possibly help as well.  I often eat a banana earlier in the day before working out for the potassium to help prevent cramps especially during leg workout days.

  • Hi Jess and Bill,

    I checked with a physiotherapist, there were no problems apart from SIJD which he showed me how to manage. I do 30 minutes of stretching to stretch and to nurse the SIJD (which is commonly the major cause of lower back pain in people but mine was caused by a hip flexor snapping because of too much exercise).

    You're right Jess. I am in the UK. I use a medicine ball for a deep-tissue "massage" to release stress from muscles before the workout but I don't stretch before workouts.

    I will try the advice.. not sure about the banana though :o)

    Thank you so much to both of you.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • There are lots of ways to get potassium.  People often use it as an argument for bananas, but when was the last time you heard about someone having a deficiency?  I'm not anti bananas, but do chuckle each time I see that.

    So Ruby, if bananas are not your thing then fear not.

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