Soreness after training...or lack thereof

  • Ok. Here's the deal. I promised myself I would not freak out about this but obviously I am so I decided the best thing to do would be to get some advice. I do my weight training and I feel like I'm hitting my 10's. Those last few reps I have to give all I've got and once in a while I can only do 11 of the last 12 reps. I'm sweating and my muscles are screaming and quivering. The next day.....nothing. No soreness, nothing. I think I'm seeing improvement in my muscles. I'm only in week 4 so they're still hiding under all that fat. In the past when i've worked out I've always been sore the next day. The internet seems to be a mixed bag of opinions. Some say soreness has nothing to do with the quality of the workout and some say if you're not sore you're not trying hard enough. I can't imagine lifting anymore weight without hurting myself. The only thing I'm doing different this time is having a protein drink within an hour of weight training. It's not a 4:1 carb to protein ratio "recovery" drink. It's a cup of fat free milk with a scoop of protein powder, ice cubes and some instant espresso. Any thoughts?




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  • Pat, have you rotated the specific exercises you are doing lately?  Say if you've been doing barbell bench press, change it to DB Bench or incline or decline?  

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  • If you feel you are hitting your tens and giving it all you've got- check your form, slow your motions way down, and be happy with yourself.

    My advice: Worry about you- not how sore your muscles are. Keep going!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Thanks. I do contrate a lot on form. "Body for Life" on the way up, "I am building my Body for Life" on the way down. I only have dumbbells and my bench is kind of old and the knob to raise the back is broken so you have to mess around with the vise grips. So, I don't change much because it takes time and I have a hard time keeping my workouts under an hour. I should say I only use dumbbells. I do have a barbell but it weights 15 lbs by itself and I dont go over 15 lbs on very much.

    Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible. ~Fortune Cookie~

  • The thing that comes to mind is you're not hitting your full range of motion during the eccentric phase of the rep especially at your ten.  If you are and it's not sore, worry not my friend.

    I know for fact that when I do my squats/then leg extensions I am nailing it 9/10 workouts and my quads are rarely every sore the next day.  I have no explanation for this but the muscle mass is developing nicely so I just plug away and trust myself.

  • You may be hitting a plateau situation.

    You may need to change up the exercises, as fore mentioned in this thread.

    Find a way.

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