TMI question for the ladies

  • I've been exercising outside in the hot weather and getting some chafing in the . . .uh, under-boob area.  

    Any suggestions to prevent that? 



  • try putting deodorant under there maybe that would help?

  • Not that I have that problem :( but use vaseline. Runners do that all the time. Even if your arms or thighs rub. Champster had some fancy real runner stuff we used under our toes for chafing when we ran the half marathon, but I dont know the name. For starters though - vaseline will do, AND a well fitted bra. :) Oh, and if you run with a shot of energy juice with you, DONT put it in your bra - ESPECIALLY if you are running a half marathon. It will chafe and rub you raw and actually leave a scar. ;) Oh the memories....

  • I'll try that!  The vaseline not the energy drink lol.   I guess antiperspirant would help too, but I'll try the vaseline first!

  • I used to get this until I found the best sports bra ever!  Now I don't deal with it at all!  But what used to work is plain old vaseline like Legs said!   Running stores have some options to try but vaseline is cheap and works!  Try it!

    Legs- I can only imagine what that energy juice did to you!  OUCH!!!!  

    The sports bra that finally worked for me is by Wacoal!  It isn't cheap but it is worth GOLD to me and has changed my running career!  It looks like it is inside-out when you put it on!  Oh and no more mono-boob!  This bra keeps my girls IN PLACE and makes them look good at the same time!  :) Seamless as well!


  • I work outside in Phx all summer and several of us ladies have had this same problem.  The BEST cure for this IS a good fitting bra, bar none.  vasaline sounds good and a friend also told me about using deoderant.  if it is really hurting I have used bagbalm to heal it pretty much overnight.  This is a very painful thing I hope it clears up quickly.  ji

  • BodyGlide is the best option. You can find it at any running store or sporting goods store. I used it when I did a lot of running, and I still use it when I'm breaking in a new pair of shoes or wearing a skirt or dress. It really helps to prevent chafing and blisters.

  • The vaseline helped a lot but I'll look into the body glide and a new bra too!  Thanks

  • corn starch

  • Use alum to stop the perspiration, talcum powder to stop the friction skin-on-skin, and finally raw organic shea nut butter (not from the cosmetic shop but from Ebay) to end the skin problem arising from friction (chafing, redness, inflammation, discomfort, etc.).

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  • I agree with Jillian64-- a good bra will stop the chaffing.  I wear a D cup and pretty much have to buy my bras online or at specialty running stores.  Ive tried so many sports bras and my favorite is made by Champion.  Its the double dry full support underwire sports bra.  On its $42 but you can find it on Amazon for about $26.