Do weights trump cardio?

  • This question relates to an earlier post concerning missing a gym day.

    If I miss a strength-training day is it better to forget about it and do cardio the following day, or do 2 days of strength training in a row to make up for the missed day?

    I thought the whole point of B4L's gym routine was to increase your "fat burning furnace" by increasing muscle mass, which cardio doesn't do...

    Or is it detrimental if both my upper and lower body are in recovery at the same time?

  • excellent question.  I believe (please note that this is just my opinion not scientific fact)  that the body needs time to recover from the high intensity of the kind of weight lifting we do on bfl.  If you miss a strength training day, I would take that as your free day, and then just keep going with the planned workouts.  That way you end up getting the 3 strength training days in and the 3 cardio as well.  That's the beauty of this program, even though its structured, it allows for those hiccups that happen to us and to work around them.  Same exact thing happened to me this week and by the end of the week I have all the right workouts in, with the appropriate rest time.  

    And yes this program does increase our fat burning furnace, but we rebuild during our rest time.  Good luck to you and hope you can work through your hiccups.  

  • hmm, I guess I tend to like to favor weights over cardio days.  But I always keep AT LEAST 3 days inbetween the upper to upper again, or lower body to lower body.  I've done UBWO one day, then followed it with a LBWO the next day with no problems.

    There are some weeks I can't get all 3 in.  But this week I have time for FOUR, so I'm just scattering it out so I have those at least 3 days inbetween the same muscle-lifting.

  • Thanks for the help guys!

    I guess the beauty of the BFL program is that it's not an exact science, and that it's OK to slip up from time to time. I'm slowing learning to ease up on myself for these mistakes.

    All the best in your transformations,