Gym Jerks, Men I need your help.

  • Brilliant, Faithful Renee!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Oh, make sure you smile REAL big and act naive, shy and dingy! They love that stuff!


    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • I use to belong to a gym like that.  I had a very big musclehead doing shoulder presses drop a db almost from the top of his lift and missed my foot by inches!!  Apparantly strong enough to lift it up but not strong enough to lower it in a controlled manner.  I've since changed gyms.  I'm now at Planet Fitness.  I like the way they run things.  Less grunting, dropping weights, and cell phone usage.  Plus they have TONS of machines and weights.  If you have anything like PF around you check it out, it might be a better fit.  Anyway, good luck with your challenge!

  • Faithful Renee is dead on.

    Thats a great way to build some re pore and mutual respect with the regulars.

    They will be more apt to accommodate you.

    All the comments on this thread were good!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Yes. But remember. if all else fails.... flex muscles, bare teeth!    ;)

    Stacy Lynn

  • This was a pretty funny thread alot of latent agression, muscle flexing and teeth gritting... Are we all angry that we have to go to the gym!?!? ha ha ha. I especially love Renees perspective of the men at the gym. Ladies make sure to use a sweet southern drawl while acting all naive and helpless.

    Not sure what to say about the cell phone, my gym doesnt allow them not even for text messaging.

    Set the other peoples towels to the side and use the machine. wwhen they come back say they can rotate in on the machine WITH YOU if they like. Nothing that I hate worse than having a set for your muscle group planned, you get done with your 5th set and go to move to another machine and someone swoops in front of you and your thinking shoot I cant wait one minute! gotta get the 6th set done without a break. I always have a back machine in mind of a free weight exercise I can quickly get to.

    and I always let the ladies go before me :-)

  • Rebekah,

    Let us know how it goes. Renee's answers are always so right on. Heehee! My problem is, I can play that sweet, ignorant Southern thing,  ;)    but it's not exactly in my nature. I come from a family of policemen, so I'm sure you can imagine how I've been conditioned to deal with jerks who don't know how to follow the rules, hidden or no...

    I'm sorry the staff doesn't know how to control their own gym.

    I have my own equipment at home, but I usually go to our school's gym (I'm a teacher, and our district has a gym that teachers can use). The football team is in there sometimes, but I know how to deal with them... ;)    I guess that's the thing... I'd probably deal with men who are ACTING like adolescents in the same way!!

    Keep us posted!


    "The limits you are living with right now, in every aspect of your existence, have been created by your mind. They are perceptions. And they are holding you back. You are capable of far more than you think you are." -Bill Phillips

  • Rebekah,

    I'm a guy and I too was scared of the rude gym rats etc.  But I realized one thing, most of the people who go in the morning 5am-6 am are pretty serious because they've got work and lives and they want to get their workout and get moving.  These people are nice and respectful.  The night-time rats (majority not all) are usually off work and now this is thier time to "pretend" to do least I went to the gym.

    My first piece of advice...get there early before anyone else.  If this is THE most important thing then you'd want to do it first.

    If you can't here is what i suggest....Be Bold and Be Strong....remember this is more than a fitness challenge, it's a mental challenge as well and how you deal with adversity from all angles.  Use what others have said and find another excercise.  I use this motto when I am in the gym, "We aren't kids anymore, time to grow up and take responsibility, I can't control them, but I can control me"

    So just keep flowing, speak to the mgt, if they won't do anything then switch gyms.  If you live in a decent sized city there are usually 4-5 competing gyms.   Just don't let the rude people be an excuse.  Just keep finding a way around it.

    One of my motivations is seeing who is serious at the gym.  I see people start and never return.  So if you keep a schedule you'll meet other like minded people, they will back you up.

    Life is too short to argue, find the people who are on your same wavelength and keep going!