How to finish the set

  • I have been on the body for life for 4 weeks and have had good success.  I am a little confused on best practices on the gym

    If I max out my weights on reps of 6 and can only get 4 in, I have been waiting 25 seconds then finishing the other 2.

    My question is would I be better to

    A.  Push as many reps as possible then wait 25 seconds then finish the set with the same weight

    B.  Push as many reps as possible then drop down weight to finish the set with no break

    C.  Just don't finish the set

    I find this also happens in my super set too.  Again I am really trying to push myself and have been gaining muscle but want to work efficiently too!



  • You should adjust the weight you use to achieve a perceived exertion level of 5 on the 12 rep, 6 then 7 then 8 on the following 10, 8, and 6 rep sets. perceived exertion level of 9 on the 5th set (12) and 10 on the second exercise(different from the first exercise but targeting the same muscle) in your super set. You may want to go back to the book and reread that section for a little better understanding. I'm not quite as effective at explaining the program as Bill Phillips. GOOD LUCK KEEP PUSHING