RESULTS - Cycling for HIIT was GOOD!!

  • Mounted my bike on the trainer and got to it.  Here was my routine...

    2 mins at 10 mph (warmup)

    1 min at 15 mph, 1 min at 17 mph, 1 min at  20 mph, 1 min at  22 mph, then back to 15 mph for a min. I repeated this 4 times and went all out my last min at 35-36 mph. Actually hit 38.8 mph as my top speed. I was definitely at Intensity Level 10!! It was awesome. Since 36 mph for minute 19 was my high point 10,  I think I can speed up my level 6 thru 9 next time also.

    This made me sweat TONS more than running does. Not sure if that means anything or not, but my last session of intervals, the sweat was pretty steady and by the end, it was pouring. Cycling HIIT was really good. 

    22 minutes total time - top speed 38.8 - avg speed 17.8 mph - distance 6.35 miles  Not bad. Wahooooo!!!

  • Glad it worked out for you.  

  • That is awesome mikek! Way to work it! The sweat means you heated up and your body needed to cool itself down. Woo Hoo is RIGHT! LOVE THAT!

  • I hope it was effective because it sure was FUN!!

  • You have amazing strength and stamina to be able to run like that! I am impressed!!!

  • I think I would pass out!!!  lol

    I am working on it.

    Getting my but kicked in the once a week spinning class (2nd week).

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Terry, I couldn't have touched numbers like this 2 months ago when I started! I dud cycling HIIT again on Thursday and pushed it harder and had awesome numbers. 23 mins, 8.02 miles, intervals from 17 mph - 25 mph and my high point minute started at 42 mph (which I was only able to hold for about 30 seconds, then my legs started giving out), but I was determined not to go below 36 mph for the rest of the minute and I did it! Top speed was actually 44.6 mph and avg speed over the 23 mins was 20.4 mph. THAT was a good HIIT workout. I was drenched and exhausted! But it was good, ya know? lol!

  • Thats what we all should be shooting for.

    You are going to get some great results!!!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • That is awesome.

    I've been surviving my HIIT workouts on the treadmill. I don't have a trainer for my road bike so I haven't considered taking it out on the road. Spin class is too long for the program and not the right pacing. I'm so anal, I need to find other methods that I can precisely control intensity levels as we need to. Perhaps elliptical at the gym.

    Winners never quit, and quitters never win

  • Cycling is fabulous!

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Hazletcyclist,

    The trainer I have for my bike was only about $75. I didn't get an expensive one. (got mine about 3 yrs ago so they might be $80 now), but what an awesome investment.  I wouldn't consider trying HIIT on the road. Too much traffic, hills to mess up your intervals, etc. I know I'd be halfway through an interval and would reach the top of a hill and then what? If I kept pedalling hard to finish my minute, I'd be going 60 mph at the bottom of the hill, crash and die! LOL! Nope! Only indoor HIIT cycling for me.

    I also have a little computer mounted to my bars that tells me speed, distance, etc. Also has a timer so it's easy to keep track of the minute interval times.  I know $80 isnt "cheap" but if you can swing it, it really makes cycling for HIIT a nice change from always having to run on the treadmill, at least for me.  =)