The workout

  • Hi I am new to this and am still trying to navigate the site. My question is, what type of work outs are recommended? I joined a gym and have been working with weights and doing a cardio combo of bike and elliptical ( I have a bad Knee) I need to get at least 60 pounds or more off, on the advise of my ortho doc, to see if this will alleviate some of the pain in my knee.

    Any suggestions would help



  • If you are doing the workouts on the schedule per the book (if you dont have it get it) and are hitting YOUR 9's and 10's I'd say you're doing well!!   I know 60 lbs is doable, as I'm at 50 right now and looking forward to the next 10 pounds!!!   Just eat right, dont get your mind get to you, and keep it up!!   You can do it!!  I'm a few weeks into my 2nd challenge, I started my new life Back on Jan 10th..

  • I am trying to get the book, but in the interim, what are 9's and 10's??

  • Hi mbpsky,

    They are peaks are levels of intesity, on a scale of 1 to 10. 9 or 10 is a super high intestity for that rep or cardio minute(s). Pushing yourself as far as possible.

    I have recommended going to the local library to my friends. The book will put it all together for you.

    Best of luck.

  • I have been in touch with the library for it, there are a few, which one is best?


  • The original book by Bill Phillips Body for Life is great, I also just finished the Champions Body for life.

    Both are super motivating and informative. I would get both if you can. I found them used on amazon for under $3.00 each.

  • Thanks, I just got the 1st book and am navigating mu way through it