Cycling for HIIT??

  • Does anyone do their HIIT on a bike I have a road bike and a trainer that you can mount the bike on for, lol! Wondering if anyone has ever ridden for HIIT.  I've always done mine on the treadmill but am curious about trying it occasionally on my bike trainer.  Any thoughts?


  • Go for it!  As long as you hit your intensities why not?  The weather is getting nicer so own it.

  • I have done it on a bike.  Usually my Saturday Cardio is running outside or riding my bike.  I usually chart out a course first, it helps with the not knowing where to go or the maybe getting stopped in the middle of a 9 or 10.  

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  • Mike - I used my stationary bike for challenge one. My only piece of advice would be, make sure you are not overtraining your quads. Speed should be the goal (cardio), not another leg workout. Your legs need time in between workouts to restore and repair.

    There is a guy by the name of Jeff Mines that is a total bike fanatic. He has a GPS on his bike and it relays all kinds of neat data about the terrain, altitude, speed, his heart rate, the temperature....its CRAZY. So seeing through him, I see a great passion and I can understand the bike in a different way.

    Summertime for me means extra bike riding outdoors, but just for fun. Keep us posted how it works for you.

  • I'm thinking something like this...(keep in mind, I'll be indoors with my bike mounted on the trainer)

    First 2-3 mins as a warm up at 10 mph

    15 mph - 1 min

    17 mph - 1 min

    19 mph - 1 min

    21 mph - 1 min

    Then back to 17 mph for my intensity level 6 for 1 min. And do this interval 4 times for my 2 min cardio. Then try to hit 25-30 mph for my high point last min. I may try this today just to see how it goes. =)  Or maybe I'll just run on my treadmill again. lol!

  • I think it's going to prove very beneficial that you are able to view your speed.  It gives you clear indication of what  is necessary to achieve the intensity via measurable incremental increases.

  • Yea, my bike has a computer that tells mph, cadence, distance, top speed, avg speed, etc.  It helps a LOT for sure!

  • Mike your greatest challenge will be stopping at the end of your HIIT.  I love a road bike and I've done an afternoon ride before that by the 20 mile mark I was fried because there were not enough carbs in my system to sustain a longer ride.  Just be aware and if you intend to ride longer for the pure enjoyment of it, be prepared with Gel or a banana.

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  • Good advice for the speed and not another leg  workout.  I got a spinning bike from "" for $312.00  free shipping!!! I use that for my cardio days.  I have to go by how I feel, I do not have a speedometer or a level of speed, I just tighten the knob for tension.  Seems to be working so far.   By the way, I'm so lost on here!!! the web site that is.  I don't mean to seem like someone who is just lurking, but I'm having a hard time figuring this forum thing out.  My home page is scant and not sure how to navigate my way around....Sorry, I'll get it.  It aint no face book.

  • Hey Michelle, yea, I'm just talking about doing this in my house, not out on the roads. I do think it would be really difficult to get an effective HIIT workout on the road.  Too many variables...traffic, hills (up and down), that would mess up the intensity levels.

     I'm talking about, I have a trainer at home similar to this  that you mount the rear tire of a regular road bike to, which lifts the back tire off the ground and places it on a roller wheel. So once you're bike is mounted to the trainer, (takes about 20 secs), you just hop on and start riding, except you don't go anywhere since you're mounted to the trainer. =)  The way you adjust "tension" for the intervals is just like riding on the roads. Simply shift gears to make it more difficult to spin the rings. 

    I started riding road bikes 3 years ago and fell in LOVE with it immediately. It's such a blast. I rode almost 900 miles my first year. Got lazy last year and busy with life-stuff and didn't ride (mostly lazy). But I'm getting back on it this year and am confident with the help of BFL that I'll be faster and stronger on it than I've ever been!  I've already taken it for a couple of rides (10 miles with my wife and another 6 mile with the kids), and it was a piece of cake!

    I'll post how my HIIT goes after I try it later this afternoon. I'm hoping it kicks my booty.