Tempted ...

  • My favorite part of BFL is weight lifting, mostly doing upper body. Lower body is fun too ... I dread cardio!

    I am an impatient person, and want to see results faster than I am. I am starting week three today, so I have a while longer to go.

    I have been tempted to switch up my workouts to alternate every other day (Mon-Fri) between upper and lower body, and do cardio at night on top of those days on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

    I workout in the mornings before work, and fortunately the gym I workout in is at work. I have been tempted to get another weight training session in during lunch as well. I think I am becoming hooked on lifting! I love the energy it gives me, and love the feeling of working out.

    Is it safe for me to increase my weight training or do I just need to calm down and have patience?

    I don't feel my workouts are making a difference, but then again I am only starting my third week.

    What are everyone's thoughts?

  • My thoughts?   Do the program as intended the first 12 weeks.  Do it literally by the book..   After that maybe re-evaluate and decide if you were getting results or not..

    edit:  Remember this is "for life"  so patience really needs to be in your program :)

  • Ryan,

    Here's my 2 cents.  I think weight lifting has 2 steps to be successful 1) hard intense workouts (tear down your muscles) 2) Rest and Recovery (reconstruct it stronger than it was).  Both steps are critical and if you over do the intense workouts but don't give enough time you open yourself to injury and potentially inhibit your progress! If you overtrain, all you get is breakdown and no build up.

    Focus more and making every workout intense and hit your 10s (maximum effort) and then give yourself time to heal and recover with stronger muscle.

  • You're obviously on to something great, but the other commenters are right.  Recovery time is vital, especially for beginners.  Also, it's really easy to hurt yourself lifting weights if you don't allow enough recovery time.  Your shoulders and back are especially vulnerable.  So, take it slow, stick to the program for now,  and look for steady progress.

  • I agree with the others. Stick with the recommended program for now. Then tweak later. I was tempted to do the same thing, but decided to stick with the schedule as outlined in the book. Rest and recovery is very important. At first I thought it wouldn't be good to wait 4 to 5 days to work out a muscle group, thus only working your upper or lower body twice a week (if you do legs on Friday and having to wait until the following Wednesday). I'm seeing results, but get pretty impatient too. :P

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  • Thanks for the advice everyone! I am just impatient, and still tempted to up the workouts ... but I am going to stick to the book for my first challenge and see where it gets me. The major thing is before BFL, I wasn't doing anything to better my health/body, so I know following BFL by the book is bound to get me somewhere good!

    Right now, my BFL goals are to slim down, lose fat in my stomach, chest, and thighs. If those are the only things that happen, then I will be stoked! I am sure I will gain muscle and good definition with the weight training as well. After my first challenge, I will start to work on bulking up. :-)

    Thanks for the encouragement and support!