20 min HIT & Weight Training

  • I just have a question about how I train. First of all, I am not afraid to push myself beyond my limits and I train very intense. I have been using the BFL nutrition plan and workouts for 6 years. I tend to let myself go during the fall and winter due to the fact that, for me, having low body fat during the winter makes for a very cold winter! The weight gain during the winter doesn't worry me because I know that through this system I can always return to great shape in 90 days or less. So I pretty much just complete a challenge every April, May, and June.

    I have put my own twist on the BFL workouts though, and I'm not sure if it's such a good thing. I complete the 20 min aerobic solution every morning, Monday - Friday, and complete the weight training workouts, as listed, immediately after. For example, on Monday I hit the gym, in a fasted state, I do the high intensity cardio then I rest for about 5 minutes, then I do my upper body workout. 

    The cardio sessions are as follows: (Tread Mill)  4mph, 6mph, 7mph, 8mph, 9mph;  6mph, 7mph, 8mph, 9mph;  6mph, 7mph, 8mph, 9mph;  6mph, 7mph, 8mph, 9mph, then level 10 is, 11mph sprint, 4mph, 4mph (cool down). I know that my body hits an "Anaerobic" state during my high point because my finger tips will go numb due to the lack of oxygen.

    I follow this with the weight training, but I accelerate the weight training with less recovery time and faster, more concentrated reps. I reach my level 10 with every workout, (muscle failure).

    I usually finish these workouts in about an hour. Sometimes an hour and ten minutes. I follow up with a Whey Protein meal shake, then a good meal about an hour later.

    I feel great, I add muscle, I burn enormous amounts of fat. I was just wondering if I was doing anything that could cause adverse health effects?

  • Adverse health effects?  I'm no expert, but I wouldnt think anything adverse would happen.  Only bad thing I can think of would be if your body just cant rebuild itself.  Dont know if later on you'll develop any issues from that or not.  Also dont know if working out that much is doing any more for you then just doing the program as written.  I guess it just depends on the individual etc.

  • As long as you are giving your body enough nutrients and rest you should be okay.  When I was dieting for a bodybuilding competition back in the late 90's I would do and hour of cardio and my workouts in the same day.  Some days would be 2 cardio sessions.

    I think it would be wise, and it already sounds like you are doing it, to not do this all the time.  It's good to give the body a break and mix things up a bit.  But like I said, it sounds like you do it anyways.

    Train to grow, not for show!

  • I am going to disagree.....

    If you do both sessions is one day, you are not giving 100% to eitther one.  Also, too much cardio will burn some of the muscle you are trying to build.  You will also burn out much quicker.  I think if you feel you had to do both in one day, it would be best to break up your sesssion (one earlier in day and one later). Also, if you are lifting 5 days, are you splitting up your body parts so each area has 48 hours to recover between sessions?  

    I know I have tried this on a handful of occasions, due to a few missed workouts, and I never feel I get a true 10 out of either workout, because one usually lacks due to exerting myself too much with the other.  I think you have done BFL long enough to modify however you feel comfortable.  I have been doing it for less than a year (currently on my 3rd challenge), but I am pretty much a "by the books" person, with a few exceptions.

    Just my honest opinion.  Good luck to you.

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  • I love BFL but I think people can be in fantastic shape following other forms of exercise other than three 20 minute HIT sessions and the 3 weight sessions. That being said, when followed as laid out, the BFL system works great. For me personally, I am so whipped after each cardio session that to add an intense weight lifting session right after, I would not be able to give it the same amount of effort, especially if doing legs after a tough run. I find I am not as strong if I try to skimp on carbs and since the cardio depletes glycogen stores, this may further take away from your ability to push it hard on the weights. I don't think you will hurt your health any though as long as you are getting proper rest and nutrition. Our bodies are remarkably adaptable and as someone who competes in endurance events, I've seen people with amazing bodies who really push themselves to the limits as far as endurance goes. A thriathlete is obviously doing more than a 20 minute HIT session. I would say it is all about what your goals are and conditioning your body appropriately with proper nutrition and training. I think the question to ask is, "Is it working for you?" Are you happy with the results you are getting.  If so, and that workout best fits your schedule, then great! Keep it up. If not, try doing it by the book and see if you like the results better.