workout weirdness

  • All of a suddden, I lost my quadricpes strength. I was able to to a 6 reps of 50kg and now i can do only 6 reps of 40kg on leg extensions. However, i am now able to burn 20 calories more in cardio than before. Sometimes i just feel really fatigue, and find that my heart rate spikes earlier than usual and i run out of breath. When this happens i usually just rest. Why does this sudden drop in stamina and strength occur?

    On the elliptical trainer, i reach a max heart rate of 178 on level 10. Is that safe? I also feel my body is not reacting very well to the weight training, I only feel my biceps have grown a bit bigger but my other muscles such as my shoulders and back seem to look smaller which is a good thing cause I am 11 kg lighter than before and look more toned.



  • Are you getting enough sleep and drinking at least 10 glasses of water every day?  Are you eating 6 meals a day?

    Assuming that you have no restrictions from your doctor, reaching a max HR of 178 is fine for a short period of time.  I'm 49 years old and frequently get up to 170.

    What week are you in?  There are some weeks that we get very fatigued during a challenge.

    Have you been taking measurements every 4 weeks or so?

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  • Hi lady Georgia. Ive tried once but failed then got back on track. Im in week 9. No im not having 6 meals. but im having the right portions. Yes ive taken measurements and Ive lost on my inches, especially my arms and shoulders.They look more muscular now. Overall I have reduced in inches. I was 120 but i weigh 109 now. Do i still need to lose more weight for my muscles to really show??

  • How tall are you? I used to weigh 110lbs and I was a little too skinny. I'm 5'4" and look my best at 120lb. It sounds like you may not be eating enough. Are you getting enough protein? When I want to blast the fat, I'm protein heavy and I go a little lighter on the carbs.

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  • You should be eating about 20g of protein and 20g of complex carbs 6 times a day.  Are you drinking all your water?

    It's not wonder you are fatigued..... if you have been hitting it hard all 9 weeks, it is very common to get very tired towards the end of a challenge.  You just have to push through it and get plenty of rest.

    Not to be redundant from what ElleBlue wrote, but how tall are you?

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  • im 6'1

  • I am not sure how to convert lbs to kg.  I'm hoping that you weight 109 kg (not lbs!).  Can you convert for me?  If not, I'll do it when I have more time this weekend.

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  • im 239.8 lbs. i was 261.8 lbs before

  • Thanks for doing that.  Congratulations on losing 22 pounds!!  That is awesome!!

    So you should be eating around 40 g of protein and 40g of complex carbs with every meal (6 times a day.... have you been trying to get all 6 meals in now?).  

    How many grams have you been eating?

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  • yes im having my 6 meals but im having simple carbs. I think the problem is my workout. I have been working out on the elliptical trainer.  Im using the techno gym elliptical trainer which has 20 levels. Following are my intervals: level 5: 5/20, level 6: 7/20, level 7: 9/20, level 8:11/20,  level 9:13/20, level 10:15/20. I burn exactly 200 calories but these days i burn between 186-190 calories. I have been doing this workout for a long time but dont see much improvement in temrs of calories burned. I feel im pressuring my legs too much. Would it make a difference if i used lower resistance and just pedaled harder? i got my body analysis done which showed that my muscle mass decreased by 1kg.

  • You took the words right out of my mouth.  I used the elliptical for my first two challenges to do HIIT.  My elliptical has 12 settings and I just put it on 4 (C1) or 5 (C2) and left it there.  I increased my intensity by increasing my speed.

    Your HIIT shouldn't be targeting your legs.... that's why we do lower body workouts.  

    What are you eating for carbs?  Simple carbs contain refined sugar, white bread, etc.  Complex carbs are fruits, brown rice, yogurt, etc.

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  • lets see how it works out by increasing the speed. I already got a taste of it and noticed I was able to recover faster. Im eating both simple and complex carbs. My main goal is to lose weight while making small changes to my diet. There are some simple  carbs i just cant avoid like white bread, white rice, and certain cereals. However I dont have much of them.

    By the way if Im increasing speed, wouldnt that also pressurize my legs? How are they both technically different; resistance vs speed? You know I still get winded climbing stairs or running for a small distance. But, I feel amazing on the elliptical. How can I feel an overall increase in my stamina?

  • I also read a heart rate of  172-178 after my level 9 or 10 during my cardio.

    HRmax is estimated at 220-age

    For me 220-27 = 192

    178/192 = 0.92 or 92% of my max heart rate

    You are doing great and keep up the good work. Alot of people don't use high enough intensity but it sounds like you are pushing your limits which is what this program is all about.

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  • HIIT works because it combines aerobic and anaerobic workout in to one.  It increases the bodies ability to store glycogen in the muscles and prevents lactic acid build up during your workouts.  You will also increase your metabolism throughout the day.  Do not focus on the amount of calories burned, because those will be inaccurate.  At level 9 and 10 your should feel a burn in the legs but you should not be out of breath.  

    Bottom line: HIIT training will burn more calories throughout the day and it will allow you to reach muscle failure as opposed to muscle burnout (lactic acid buildup) in your workouts.  

    Also, you should only be doing it a maximum of three times a week, because you need to give your legs proper recovery.  You can add low intensity cardio to your week, if you want to more fat loss as opposed to muscle gains.

  • unknown1988 - The nutrition part of Body for Life is the most important aspect of this.  Why do you think you cannot "avoid" white bread, white rice and cereal?  Substituting whole wheat bread and brown rice is practically unnoticeable, in my opinion.  And while I did not eat any cereal during my challenges, I do now occasionally eat Fiber One cereal.  These are VERY small changes that will have a HUGE impact on your success.  I put Splenda on my cereal and fruit (blueberries, strawberries, occasionally bananas).  

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