Squats or Leg extensions?

  • I like the last suggestion.  Also I change up my routine every 4 weeks to surprise the muscles and not overdue the joints with one long 12-week regimen.

  • I do the same OptiGirl, and I have seemed to make it past the HORRIBLE sore stage, I still get sore however not like that first time.

  • I was wondering about lower body workouts myself. In week one after my first day of lower body I was doing alright, but then after the second day of it, when I tried to do my cardio the next day I was so sore that I definitely didn't run as fast as I had before. I wasn't getting up to my original 10! Its a little frustrating.

  • what I have done to help mine was warm up for 5 minutes on treadmill, then I dropped the weight a little for the first two sets to sort of warm up. A little soreness will be normal and probably always have some if you are pushing to reach the 10. Mine was so bad I needed the help of the hand rail to pull myself up stairs, it is much better now after the second week.