acute bronchitis/working out

  • Is it ok to workout when you have acute bronchitis, my lungs are highly irritated, I have a persistent cough and a slight fever

  • No, you need to allow your body to heal itself by resting.

    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • Like pattymelt said, you have to heal.  I have asthma, and became symptomatic about week 7 after having a horrible cold during week 6.  I did no exercise week 6 and week 7 my lungs were searing.  I focused on the weight lifting, and slowly built my cardio back up.  With some great advice from someone on here, I added 1 minute to my recovery minute, to give my lungs a chance to recover. It made all the difference and now my cardio is rocking.   Be patient, lungs are nothing to mess with, they take longer to heal than other parts of the body.