Question regarding cramping

  • I am frustrated!  My second lower body workout was this afternoon and just like the first my hamstrings cramped (just a little this time as opposed to all out on 1st workout) and my ABS are cramping!!!!  What is going on?  I never cramp.  I am drinking water...why would I be cramping?  Am I just that completely out of shape that my body is freaking? 


    Should I take some potassium pills, since I despise bananas? 


    What suggestions are out there for this?

  • Jimbo, good thing you despise bananas, they are usually not recommended. Are you taking a multi vitamin by any chance. I take a ONE A DAY for men and that has def helped me. Another possibility would be to maybe drink some of the G2 gatorade. It has fewer calories that reg gatorade but not too bad, see if it helps

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  • Epsom salts baths  with very hot water help me when my muscles hurt and my legs jump.

  • Jimbo50 ~

    I got a charlie horse so bad after my first LBWO that I couldn't do calves on my 2nd LBWO. It will work itself out. Are you drinking a gallon a day? That is pretty much what it takes. If you drink will need to drink even more water.

    I'm no Dr. Hopefully someone else will offer you some goodies.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Jimbo,

    I had the same problem and it would get me out of bed.  My Dr. told me to virtually stop drinking water!  I did and took 2 potassium pills a day for a while and all is well. I am drinking water again but not overdoing it. Not everyone needs the same amt of water. The water is draining the potassium from you and that is why you get the cramps.  Basically, i add some Gatorade once a day and replenish. But to start get the potassium!! There is nothing worse than a huge cramp like that!!! I feel for you.


  • Why are bananas not recommended?

  • high glycemix index.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • It's been my experience that cramps can be caused by an electrolyte imbalance.  After severe extended cramping in my feet I visited my doctor.  In his opinion, I was working out too hard for a 47 year old, he suggested drinking a small amount of dill pickle juice.  The pickle juice works instantly on the cramping and I've since traded the doctor in for one that won't tell me I'm too old to do anything ;o)

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  • Google and research "argenine".

    There may some information of interest to you.

    It may or may not be the solution for you.

    But it does assist several areas that involve cramps.

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  • Yes, Champster, I really dislike it when people suggest I am 'too old' for something. Says who??? I believe I will be eternally young, at least in my own mind. :-)

  • Thank you all for the comments and suggestions.  It is nice to get some ideas and see what helps.  I need to spend more time here, this is a good environment...people are anxious to help others succeed.  What a blessing!

  • Also, try stretching the muscle group you worked out after every couple of sets or so.  Be sure to stretch after your workout as well and use dynamic stretching before your workout.  This should all help.  

  • Your only too old if the music is too loud! haha

    I wore a shirt like that when I was a teen in the late 80's.

    I believe it comes down to will, and not age.

    Age may determine the level of the start point, but, hey, everyone has to start from somewhere.

    And all can benefit from a transformed younger healthier body as a result.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

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