Early morning Cardio - more effective?

  • Hi everyone,

    I know this must have been brought up in the forum at one point, but I was just wondering if anybody had any insight into whether doing the HIIT cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is better than later in the day? I'm on Week 4 and have been going after I finish work (roughly 3 hours after a meal) and have been seeing great results so far....I'm just thinking of changing the cardio to earlier in the morning (like 5 am) on an empty stomach and wondering if anyone can speak from experience about how this is more effective? Even Bill himself advocates doing it first thing in the morning in the BFL book...!

    Thanks !!


  • I find it much more effective to do cardio in the morning exactly as the book instructs and then eating an hour later.  The best part if knowing I got the workout out of the way and I can focus on working!

  • You will find both sides of that discussion!   You can be just as effective in the PM also doing cardio.   But as johnj7777 said, it's sometimes easier to schedule the early AM, or I should say not as likely to get unscheduled :).   I personally do my workouts at 530 am every morning..    I've thought about joining a rec center that's really nice, but I'm afraid I wont want to workout at the end of the day on the way home.  Whatever works for YOU that YOU will be able to commit to is the BEST time to do it!!!

  • Early morning works best for me too. I'm never guaranteed my evenings to go as planned. Sometimes I work late. I have a long commute in the car and frequently get stuck in traffic.

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  • I've been doing PM workouts for 1.5 challenges now and find it works just fine. The key is making sure your workout fits your schedule. If you are not a morning person like myself, and 5:30am workouts = missed workouts do it in the afternoon or evening. I have never seen any conclusive study am is better, but what I do know is, even if am is some marginal % more effective, a PM workout that fits your schedule and is completed is 100% better than sleeping in and missing an am one.

  • I have a supplemental question to the original.  I do all my workouts in the morning and love it.  I wait an hour after doing cardio on an empty stomach before eating and lift on an empty stomach as well.  However after I am done lifting weights, I usually eat within the next hour because I always thought you were supposed to to replenish your muscles.  

    Does anyone have an option on that?  I can't find any information that states when to eat after lifting in the book or here.

    Thank you!

  • Yes, after a weight session you should get your protein in within the first 1/2hr if possible to speed recovery.

  • I say the best time to workout (weights or cardio) is when you will do it.  Our schedules tend to get busy, and things may not always work out how we want them to.  So, I say as long as you get it done, that is what truly matters.  I have done both, but working out on an empty stomach doesn't bode well with me.

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  • Laine:  I wait after cardio for an hour or so to eat, but I drink a protein shake immediately after a weight workout; the sooner you can replenish those muscles, the better.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • In my humble opinion the best time to do cardio is when YOU are going to give 110% effort.  If you don't function well at 5:00am, are you going to work as hard as you do in the afternoon?  I'll take 110% in the afternoon over 80% in the morning.

    If you are willing to push yourself to the max first thing in the am then yes, it's the best choice.

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