Loss of Strength

  • I too seem to be losing strength.  I am getting better at the cardio portion of the program every time: I've  been going further distances on the treadmill, it's been 0.04 mile increase for me every time so far.   What I don't like is that I'm getting substantially weaker.  I started the program 2 1/2 weeks ago and I came off a mass building program.  I could get 225 12 times on the bench before I started and know I can only rep it out 7 times, so now I'm thinking about lowering the weight so I can get the 12 reps on the first set without using the rest-pause method.  It's a pretty bad feeling to lose that much strength, especially when your only 2 1/2 weeks into the program.  It could be my own fault though.  I came off that mass building program so I thought I needed to do more than the program recommends, so I've been picking 2 exercises for chest after the first 2 and do them the same way: x12,x10,x8,x6,x12-super x12.  I also do this for back and then all the muscle groups on legs, abbs, and calfs day.  Could this be why I'm losing so much strength?  If not, does anyone have any advice on what I should do?  I know I'm getting enough protein because I keep track of it- I've been consuming my bodyweights worth(gram per pound) in carbs and protein, which is 185.  I also consume about 41 grams of fat. 

  • J,

    From all that I've learned reading these boards, it seems to me that gaining mass and losing weight don"t naturally go hand in hand. There is a fine line and I have had difficulty in staying on that line. I have decided that for this, my 1st challenge, to focus on weight loss but maintaining the mass that I have. I think the 2nd challenge will be aimed more toward gaining mass as long as I have reached the weight loss goal. If at that time I still need some loss I will save the gaining for another challenge.

    Your protein, carb and fat grams are in line for the 40/40/20 ratios so you should be loosing weight. `I have gotten some good info from Hussman fitness...a site many here have spoken of. Good information...very informative. Also if you will search "Charlie" on this site you will be exposed to some very good information as well. Good luck and stay on track. It works if you work it!