scalp laceration should I work out?

  • So, I cut the back of my scalp last night,  about 1/2 inch at most.  My question is, should I work out this week?  I feel like if I do my cardio or weights that it is going to start bleeding again.. My head will usually be very sweaty and throb after a really good cariod workout even without a laceration.  But here is the kicker I am just starting to see results from  all of my hard work.  I have been feeling great since I changed up my nutrition a bit last week, and have had my energy back so my  workouts have been great they leave me feeling really strong.   I don't want to lose my gains, but I want my head to heal ASAP.  Any suggestions?

  • catel- OUCH! I'm not a medical specialist by any means, but did you ask your Dr. what his/her suggestion was? Maybe if you toned down your workouts and cardio, you would be okay.  But I would hate for it to start healing then bust open again... I guess you didn't need stitches, right? hmm, good question...maybe someone else will chime in on this one.

    Definitely continue the nutrition part though, it makes up 80% of challenge results!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • No I dont think I need stitches, but I may call the Dr. and see what they suggest...sometimes though I feel like the Dr. tells me to take a week off and doesnt realize how important it is to me.  Wow, not working out today has made it difficult to eat clean.  I am going to really watch me eating though and see what tmrw brings.  Did not realize I would actually crave a workout:)