Bench Press question for Women

  • I work out on my own and have for years and I do mainly dumbell work for all my pressing movements for the very reason I can go as heavy and hard as I like and if I can't do the last rep I can just drop them without fear of crushing my chest......or skull. Hope this helps.

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  • Firesong

    I read your post to Laurie and Doinit from April 1 cause I am at the bench press question for myself in my workouts. At the gym I am at, there are different sized bars and they some of them are marked about how much weight they are. So, I do count the bar. i mean for me - 40 pounds is a lot to bench - I just started - and some bars are 40 pounds that aren't marked, I just know cause my trainer told me. So, I do count the weight of the bar, there are alot of different weights at the gym I go to.

  • Lydia,  as Bronco said, no it won't happen as you don't have as much testosterone running through your system as men do, and I assume you are not dosing with steroids.   What weight lifting will do is as you lose the weight your arms, legs butt, belly will look toned and sexy.  Yes sexy.  So no worries on the lifting.  Go out there and get 'em.   Just out of curiousity, what do you call heavy weights, and what are you lifting now?


    I forget that I go to a small gym compared to a lot of the big city ones, and of course different bars are going to weigh differently.   I just chose not to count the weight of the bar in the beginning so dont count it now, just for comparisons to see my improvement.  And in the beginning I was a bit embarassed because I was only adding 5, or 10 pounds to the bar, but then I just got into the zone and forgot everyone else was even there.  I figured out that I was training at a higher intensity than 95% of the people around me so nothing to be embarrassed about.  

    personally I like the barbell because it gives me a better control factor than the dumbbells and I can push harder.  But that's just for me, certainly understand why the dumbbells work for others.  The point is that folks need to find what works best for them and work their intensity.  And not to be afraid of trying something new and different like free weights.   The best to everyone.

  • The best I ever bench pressed was my last workout. Not counting the 52 pounds bar, I did 33 pounds for the 6 reps. It was a miracle I could finish the last rep.

    But  to me this is a huge improvement from few years ago. I could not lift the bar, or even use resistance machines starting at 20 pounds.

    But Firesong, I am so jealous lol.. I will try over the next few weeks to beat your number hehehehe

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  • thank you for replying :)

    well im only lifting up to 8kg (sorry from the uk) i think its 17.6lbs i dont know if thats heavy or not. probly not im going in to my 6th week now

  • Everyone here seems to lift free weights? I usually use the machines at the gym. I usually go to the gym at 6:00 am and there's hardly anyone there at that time. Also the same people aren't there all the time. When I get to know someone, who's consistently at the gym while I'm there, I'll probably ask if they want to form a buddy system with me.

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  • lydia, its not about how much you lift compared to anyone else.  Just keep your form clean and hit your tens, experience that muscle failure and you will see results.  keep track using a journal of some kind, and you can look back and see your progress, its a great motivator.  

  • thank you firesong, yea will deffently look back on my journal and make sure i keep pushing myself!

  • lydia, also i was looking back and remembered that my improvements were coming about one a week.  not ubwo and lbwo and cardio at the same time, but one of them would improve weekly and i would be hitting a personal best.  and if that didn't happen i would analyze what i was doing, how tired i was, time of day, etc etc. and get back on track and yep, lo and behold another personal best.  i am not talking huge leaps here, but mini-personal milestones.  

  • For everyone with questions about being bulky or using machines — Just go for it with the free weights! I've been using them for about 8 months, and my highest bench is up to 125 lbs (including the 45 lb bar) It feels AWESOME to be able to lift so heavy — my goal is 135...two of the "big" plates plus the bar. Keep rocking ladies.

  • I have a female friend who bench presses 70 kilos (bar not included). She is very slim and toned, not high-def muscles. She is a personal trainer. She is not bulky -which seems to be the fear of many women-. Women who are bulky don't do weights to lose weight and suddenly poof they are bulky, women who have the high-def muscles deliberately go into programs that are designed to get them to look like that with all the extra nutrition they need. Example: go to youtube, look at the size of the legs of women leg pressing 400 pounds, you will be shocked. They are very very slim women with no protruding quads.


    Forgot to add, today I could bench press 44 pounds bar not included, otherwise that would have been 88 pounds. It failed after two tries and I had to go down to my 30 pounds. But I was so happy! Few years ago I could not lift the bar alone hehehe tahee hee

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear