post-op hip replacement ready to see what I can do . . .

  •  So I've officially decided to take on the challenge.  I've had success w/ BFL in the past walking the walk, just never done the actual challenge.  I even convinced hubby to ride this ride w/ me and see where it'll take us . . . here's my question;  what can someone w/ hip replacement do to get the cardio in?  All I've ever done in the past is run and I"ve been told running isn't in the cards for me anymore.  I've been cleared to "exercise" just nothing to pound the joints.  Any advice/ input would be much appreciated!  

  • Are you still working with a physical therapist? If so please call him or her as they would know the best approach for your circumstances. Your surgeon or family doctor would have insight as well. That said, and assuming you will be working out in a gym, elliptical trainers are generally kinder on the joints than the treadmill. You might also look into swimming, changing strokes for the different intensities, or low-impact aerobics, using additional arm movements or weights to move between intensities.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.