Martial Arts

  • When you mean switch out kicks for leg exercises, do you mean instead of doing squats you would do roundhouse kicks if so I would say no. For conditioning yeah hitting a heavy bad with kicks and punches and elbows and knees is great cardio if you push it like the Hiit is set up for. I will do a Hiit grappling session for 20-30 min and I have great results.

  • I train in BJJ three days a week. It is always on my cardio days which  I think works out pretty well. I like to wake up early on those days to go to the gym to run, but I am not a morning person so most of the time I go after class.

  • Hey jclinenorton what school do you train at?

  • Im at Edge MMA in Colorado

  • jclinenorton  do you train with the gi or just no gi?

  • cleet68 I also do BJJ at our gracie jui jitsu gym inb Cape Town. I can only get there 4 times a week if i am lucky. Yes it is hard work doing both but i love my BJJ to much to stop it and i need to loose weight and gain strength.

    Good luck dude, BJJ is the best sport ever

    Jonny V

  • Hey Jonny that is awesome, what is your rank?How long have you been training?

  • No Gi is what I train in. It is a mix of Sambo and BJJ along with wrestling, I I train in board shorts and a rash guard

  • Im a HUGE fan of classic boxing and Muay Thai, i trained for 6 weeks last year in Phuket in Muay Thai, it was the most AMAZING experience of my life.  The downside was getting either hit hard with bamboo stick or punched 100 times by the master trainer at the end of every session.  Im sticking by BFL only at the moment, im actually using it to rid myself of fat and then i intend to go back to Muay Thai.  I find with boxing and Muay Thai that no other training is as hard or intense! however its high intensity the whole way through and doesnt do the interval training which is apparently best for fat loss.  I do however do Body Combat insteed of the 20min interval run on sats.  Hahaha i would never admitt to a boxing trainer i do that as they HATE stuff like body combat, but i LOVE the music and id go out of my mind if i didnt do something a bit fun at the end of the week.

  • I have a few years of TKD and Karate behind me, way behind me. For my cardio days I mix up treadmill (which I hate) with the heavy bag. I will wrap my hands,  spend 10-15 min on the treadmill and then go to the bag and go to work. I am only on week 8 of BFL but I am not complaining about the results. I would not trade any lifting days for the bag though. Just my $0.02.

  • I am in the same boat as this. My biggest problem is predictability however. I teach as well as train. Sometimes I expect to have to teach and then get trained, sometimes the other way around. This week for example... I went in Monday fully thinking I would be teaching and probably not get to work out due to the expected number \ student ratio that night. I had worked out extra hard on my leg exercise that morning, still feeling a bit shaky on my legs.

    I got in and learned our Kyoshi had decided to work on kicks throughout all classes. Kids' TKD: High intensity kicking, Adult Combat Hapkido.. slightly less intensity, but still a pretty good sweat. Then came Kick Boxing. Kyoshi kicked into the-Marine-is-going-to-kick-your-butt mode, demonstrating how professionals train. He also intended to see which on of us (especially instructors) would be the last one standing... Note: I am the only female and NOT the youngest. LOL I also had the honor to get the heavy bag instead of working out with a partner so I got to do most exercises twice without rest.

    By the end of it I was totally toast. I about crawled out. I felt (belief it or not) great because I had survived without quitting but I could not really move the next day. However had to be back for Fight Club the next evening. I decided to use Fight Club only for my cardio and to take it a bit easier. Unfortunately Kyoshi sprung a test on one of our students and it again became an intense work out for me being the only instructor in that night. Not complaining, loving every bit of it.... BUT....

    Do you think if things like that line up, should I skip a work out?  take it easy and not go for the 10s? Pull the rest day early trying to just switch days? Or should I press forward and push through it?

    I get the feeling a big thing in this program is to NOT over train.

    Any suggestions regarding schedule adjustments (or not) are much welcome!!!!