Martial Arts

  • I was wondering how many people on this site do martial arts with their BFL Hiit or just in general and what it is that you do? I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at least 5 days a week, I also do Muay Thai and boxing along with mma. I feel those other activities have really helped with burning up calories in a big way. And the BFL program has helped me in those activities as well. Down side is I think I am over training. BFL has just been a great jump start to being more active.


  • I would like to know about this as well.. I am going to start up Choy Lai Fut Kung Fu twice a week soon (took a break for a few months due to financial constraints) and I am hoping I would not be over training because of this.

  • wakamesalad  I looked up Choy Lai Fut Kung Fu looks awesome, Let me know when you start up again and how it goes. If you are still looking for another martial art to try , go to your nearest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school and give it a shot, it is a great workout.

  • I already signed a contract for 2 years of advanced training at my martial arts academy and at $130 a month I'm pretty dedicated to this one :) Good luck with you

  • wakamesalad when in your 1st class back?

  • I signed the contract last fall but I am waiting to get a new job/ more income to go back.

  • Good luck

  • hey @wakamesalad what is the name of your school?

  • Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy

  • I am going to start up again this Monday. I rationalized instead of spending $200 on a bench and $2-300 for dumbbells I can use that money to put toward starting up kung fu again and use the gym there. Looking forward to it! Apparently nobody here does martial arts because I would also like to know if I should be eating more carbs before or after my kung fu or if I should do my weight lifting before or after as well.

  • wakamesalad I think it depends on how tough your kung fu classes are. I know that I found it tough for  me to do them back to back. Like on monday  I would do my bfl sometimes early in the morning  then for my break go to boxing then later that night go to Jiu Jitsu. And time it, so that I would eat an hour before boxing or JJ. Or have a pre-workout drink. I have noticed that when I did my Hiit run then go to jiu jitsu class I was less  effective on the mat because that run takes a lot out of you, and the same goes for doing my Hiit run after Jiu Jitsu class. Some classes are brutal so my run would suffer a bit due to exhaustion. The good thing was I was burning more calories but my body was sore more that way then if I spaced it out. I am also surprised that there isn't more people who are doing martial arts along with this challenge .

  • Hey wakamesalad how as your 1st class?

  • I was planning on responding to you- kung fu kicked my ass! I went back on Monday and even though I thought I was in shape I was in for a surprise- I was limping home. I noticed after class that I felt very fatigued, and I have been sick ever since, so I think it depleted my immune system, which sucks. That being said I think I can use my two weekly kung fu classes as my cardio/ aerobic days.

  • I know the feeling I get that way sometimes when we do positional grappling

  • I have done Tae Kwon Do for about 25 years.  But no longer take formal lessons or belong to any organizations. I sometimes switch out  kicks for leg excercises and I would really be interested in subbing kickboxing or a something for cardio because I hate cardio! Does anyone have more info on this?