quadricep tendonitis? alternate forms weight training for this?

  • I think I'm developing it.  Having discomfort above my kneecap, localized smack in the middle.  Taking anti-inflammatory and think I'll begin icing it.  Due for LBWO tomorrow, searching for alternate forms of weight training that won't irritate this.  Making good progress and don't want to slip backwards.  I'm not "injured", but I am aware of it and am listening to my body.   I am beginning week 6 in the a.m. 

    I've been doing lunges, squats, leg press, step ups, and leg extensions.  I think it's the lunges and the squats getting me, but who knows?  Any input is appreciated!

  • It there a trainer at your gym that you can ask?

    I had triceps tendonitis a few years ago (prior to starting BFL). It was extremely painful and I could not even lift my arm over my head to put on a tee shirt. Doctor's orders were to completely rest it. I had to do lower body only for six months before it completely healed.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.